Checks static html files for bad links
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Recursively scans directories for static html files for bad or empty links. See here why I wrote this, I hate missing details!

Example bad or empty links

<a href=""></a>            Empty
<a href></a>               Empty
<a href=""></a>  Any bad link will fail, this one is missing http://

Command line

$ existence /path/to/working/links
Checking links...
57 of 57
All of your links exist!

$ existence /path/to/bad/links
Checking links...
23 of 23
Broken links:
    /path/to/bad/links/index.html@121 'None'
    /path/to/bad/links/other.html@22 'non-existant.html'


>>> from existence import scan
>>> scan("/path/to/working/links")
>>> scan("/path/to/bad/links")
    ('None', '/path/to/bad/links/index.html', 121),
    ('non-existant.html', '/path/to/bad/links/other.html', 22)
# Returns a list of bad url tuples: [(url, file_name, line_number)]

Progress bar

To enable the progress bar pip install progressbar==2.3

Running tests

> python -m unittest discover