A search and rescue drone simulator, using machine learning to find the best team composition and search pattern for different situations
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Plithos in action
plithos searching for objective



Install pygame requirements

brew install sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf portmidi hg

Clone this repo and move to the dir

git clone https://github.com/ckcollab/plithos.git && cd plithos

Install python requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Test it

python src/run.py

OPTIONALLY install cuDNN if you have a discrete GPU

Machine learning scoring

  • Give 1 point for exploring some area that hasn't been explored in 1 min or something like that, diminishing returns for places that have already been explored. So if you explore the same place, then wait 10 seconds, you get like 15% of the reward. If you explore it immediately after you get a -1??

  • Have a "goal area" where we think the objective may be, give + some points for going towards it???

  • Reward for moving away from other drones??

  • Penalize for moving out of the area?

  • Mark "explored" areas in green and slowly turn back to black again

  • Show sensor radius around drones

Getting state

The state will be the entire map (WIDTH, HEIGHT) where:

  • 0 is unexplored, nothing there
  • 1 is a drone
  • 2 is the objective
  • < 0 is explored, but updated each tick. So -1 was just explored, -0.99 was explored 1 tick ago.. something like that

Crazy ideas

  • Add a "objective movement predictor" that marks the most likely location of the objective. This predictor can change it's prediction based on given values like: current, wind, temperature, etc.


  • Draw a map with drones; show x, y, z
  • Add multiple kinds of drones
    • Speedy
    • Weak
    • Strong
    • Slow
  • Scenarios like:
    • Drifting in water
    • Stuck on a steep cliff
    • Multiple drones losing sensors
    • Multiple drones being destroyed in an area (hopefully they learn to avoid that area? fires?)
    • Saving multiple people
    • Allow objective to wander... and to wander OFF the map!