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to use the packet_processor in its current state:
-have kernel support for /or the following modules:
-have iptables running and some rule that sends packets to the QUEUE target. example:
iptables --append INPUT --protocol tcp --destination-port 8080 --jump QUEUE
-have a service running on the port from above (i used apache cause its easy)
-compile this thing up
what should currently happen
-you try and connect to your service, it never connects (packets are being dropped)
now start up the packet processor:
what should now happen
-you try and connect to your service, it works as expected.
pretty cool, huh?
pull stuff outta the ipq_packet_msg_t, do whats needed, and ACCPET!
FYI, heres the struct:
typedef struct ipq_packet_msg {
unsigned long packet_id; /* ID of queued packet */
unsigned long mark; /* Netfilter mark value */
long timestamp_sec; /* Packet arrival time (seconds) */
long timestamp_usec; /* Packet arrvial time (+useconds) */
unsigned int hook; /* Netfilter hook we rode in on */
char indev_name[IFNAMSIZ]; /* Name of incoming interface */
char outdev_name[IFNAMSIZ]; /* Name of outgoing interface */
unsigned short hw_protocol; /* Hardware protocol (network order) */
unsigned short hw_type; /* Hardware type */
unsigned char hw_addrlen; /* Hardware address length */
unsigned char hw_addr[8]; /* Hardware address */
size_t data_len; /* Length of packet data */
unsigned char payload[0]; /* Optional packet data */
} ipq_packet_msg_t;