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If you feel you are unable to get going by yourself, you can use the following channels:
## Community Support
[Stack Overflow]( – a place to share problems and solutions by CKEditor developers and integrators which you can use for usage and implementation issues. CKEditor has grown as an Open Source product, thanks to the amazing community of developers and users. Use the [[ckeditor](] tag to ask a question or to help fellow developers.
[GitHub Issue Tracker]( – a place to report bugs, and to request new features. Before you attempt to do so, please make sure you read [the issue tracker instructions](!/guide/dev_issues_tracker) and thus help us optimize the management of issues. Make sure that the bug you report is not caused by a third-party software or your customizations.
Please refer to the [CONTRIBUTING]( file for more information on how to support the development of CKEditor.
## Commercial Support
[Professional Support Channel]( – a dedicated channel for users with commercial license.
For more advanced needs (e.g. CKEditor integration in your products, or development of customized plugins and features), you can get access to CKEditor core developers through [Assistance Package]( or [Custom Development]( services.
## Documentation & Examples
For more reading visit our supporting resources:
* An extensive [CKEditor 4 documentation]( with information about CKEditor features and configuration settings.
* [CKEditor 4 samples]( that you can try out and even download to copy and implement in your own environment.
* A knowledge base with [Frequently Asked Questions](

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