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Reinmar committed Jul 7, 2014
2 parents 2888e46 + 87b7d8e commit afc35ced64409624dcfdd6bd1fd48a80f615fb08
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  2. +4 −1 core/htmldataprocessor.js
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@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Fixed Issues:
* [#12132]( Fixed: Image is inserted with `width` and `height` styles even when they are not allowed.
* [#9317]( [IE] Fixed: [`config.disableObjectResizing`](!/api/CKEDITOR.config-cfg-disableObjectResizing) does not work on IE. **Note**: We were not able to fix this issue on IE11+ because necessary events stopped working. See a [last resort workaround]( and make sure to [support our complaint](
* [#9638]( Fixed: There should be no information about accessibility help available under `ALT+0` keystroke if the `a11yhelp` plugin is not available.
* [#8117]( and [#9186]( Fixed: In HTML5 `<meta>` tags should be allowed everywhere, including `<body>`.

## CKEditor 4.4.2

@@ -861,7 +861,10 @@
( /<script[\s\S]*?<\/script>/gi ),

// <noscript> tags (get lost in IE and messed up in FF).

// Avoid meta tags being stripped (#8117).
].concat( protectRegexes );

// First of any other protection, we must protect all comments
@@ -561,6 +561,10 @@
'test protected source in iframe': addProtectedSourceTC( '<p><iframe name="aa">[[mytag]]</iframe></p>' ),
'test protected source in textarea': addProtectedSourceTC( '<p><textarea name="aa">[[mytag]]</textarea></p>' ),
'test protected source in textarea multiline': addProtectedSourceTC( '<p><textarea name="aa">[[aa]]\n[[bb]]</textarea></p>' ),
// Meta tags should be allowed in any element. (#8117)
'test meta tag in paragraph': addProtectedSourceTC( '<p><meta itemprop="best" content="10" /></p>' ),
'test meta tag directly in body': addProtectedSourceTC( '<meta itemprop="familyName" content="McFoobar" /><p>x</p>' ),
'test specially formatted meta tag': addProtectedSourceTC( '<META itemprop="familyName"\tcontent="McFoobar"><p>x</p>' ),

'test values of attributes are not protected': function() {
var processor = this.editor.dataProcessor,

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