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API docs corrections.

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Reinmar committed Jun 17, 2015
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@@ -793,20 +793,23 @@ CKEDITOR.dom.node.prototype, {
* Checks if this node is read-only (should not be changed).
* **Note:** When `attributeCheck` is not used, this method only works for elements
* that are already present in the document, otherwise the result
* is not guaranteed. It is mainly for performance consideration.
* // For the following HTML:
* // <div contenteditable="false">Some <b>text</b></div>
* // <b>foo</b><div contenteditable="false"><i>bar</i></div>
* elB.isReadOnly(); // -> false
* foo.isReadOnly(); // -> false
* elDiv.isReadOnly(); // -> true
* elI.isReadOnly(); // -> true
* // If "ele" is the above <div>
* element.isReadOnly(); // true
* This method works in two modes depending on whether a browser supports the `element.isContentEditable` property and
* value of the `checkOnlyAttributes` param. The `element.isContentEditable` check is the fastest, but it was known
* to malfunction in hidden/detached nodes. Additionally, when processing some detached DOM tree you may want to imitate
* that this happens inside an editable container (like it would happen inside the {@link CKEDITOR.editable}). To do so,
* you can temporarily attach this tree to an element with `data-cke-editable` attribute and use the `checkOnlyAttributes` mode.
* @since 3.5
* @param {Boolean} [checkOnlyAttributes=false] If `true` only attributes will be checked, native methods will not
* be used. This parameter needs to be `true` to check hidden or detached elements. Note that root element
* should have `data-cke-editable` attribute if testing node should be not read only by default.
* be used. This parameter needs to be `true` to check hidden or detached elements. (Since 4.5.0)
* @returns {Boolean}
isReadOnly: function( checkOnlyAttributes ) {

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