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The official documentation of CKEditor 4.
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CKEditor 4 Official Documentation

This is the official developer documentation project for CKEditor. It uses the customized CKEditor JSDuck clone for compilation and is available online at

Developer documentation is a part of CKEditor SDK.

Building the Documentation

Follow the steps listed below to build CKEditor documentation locally.


  • Ruby
  • Custom CKEditor JSDuck clone (installation instructions are provided below).
  • NPM.

Building Instructions

Clone this repository locally:

> git clone

Go to the ckeditor-docs directory and update the submodules:

> cd ckeditor-docs
> git submodule update --init

Clone the custom CKEditor JSDuck repository to a separate folder next to ckeditor-docs:

> cd ..
> git clone

Checkout the stable branch of the jsduck repository and install the latest ckeditor-jsduck-<version>.gem:

> cd jsduck
> git checkout stable
> gem install ckeditor-jsduck-<version>.gem

Go back to the ckeditor-docs repository and install npm dependencies:

> npm install

Then finally execute grunt:

> grunt

Developer's Guide

All "Developer's Guide" articles as well as the Plugin, Widget and Skin SDKs are defined in the guides/ folder, including the guides.json file which defines the Table of Contents tree and the meta information.

API Documentation

The repos/ folder contains submodules for the repositories currently included in the API documentation. As expected, the API is documented inline in the source code contained in these repositories, and is then integrated into the documentation files.

Using Local Versions of ckeditor-dev

While the main CKEditor repository for API documents, ckeditor-dev, is available as a submodule, it is also possible to make the builder use its local copy to avoid submodule limitations and speed up API documentation work. There are two ways to achieve it:

  • Keeping ckeditor-docs/ and ckeditor-dev/ folders in the same directory.

  • Setting the CKEDITOR_DEV_PATH environment variable to point to your ckeditor-dev/ folder path.


See the file for licensing details.

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