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Code samples for CKEditor documentation

This repository contains ready-to-use code samples created for the CKEditor 4 documentation and website.

In order to see a sample in action, copy its source to the CKEditor plugins directory.

  1. Download a CKEditor package. Note that for development purposes it is recommended to download the source version. You can do this by downloading your own CKEditor build (note the sample's requirements) and checking the "Source (Big N’Slow)" option at the bottom. You can also clone the CKEditor development repository and proceed from there.

  2. Copy the plugin directory which you can find in every sample to the plugins directory in the installed CKEditor package.

For example:

# Clone the CKEditor development repository and this repository with samples.
git clone
git clone

# Checkout the latest stable branch (equals to latest release available on
cd ckeditor-dev
git co stable
cd ..

# Enter one of samples directory.
cd ckeditor-docs-samples/tutorial-simplebox-1/

# Copy plugin directory to CKEditor directory.
cp -R simplebox/ ../../ckeditor-dev/plugins/

Now open the plugin sample in your browser. The URL will look like:


For example:


For license details see: