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Features Overview
Features Overview

CKEditor 4 Features Overview

This section presents a whole variety of features that CKEditor 4 has to offer. It is complemented by {@linkexample index CKEditor Examples}, an awesome collection of working editor samples that present all concepts discussed here and what is even more compelling, let you download the source code of each example with just one button click, ready to copy and paste into your own CKEditor 4 implementation!

The Features Overview section is divided into two parts, End-user Features and Integration Features.

You can select the articles from the list below or from the sidebar menu.

End-user Features

This part describes features that are targeted at end users and affect their overall editing experience. Check it to learn about aspects such as:

  • User Interface – Setting editor UI color and language.
    • {@link features/uicolor/README Setting Editor User Interface Color}
    • {@link features/uilanguage/README Setting Editor User Interface Language}
  • Editor Resizing – Changing editor dimensions and making it automatically adjust its size to content.
    • {@link features/size/README Setting Editor Size}
    • {@link features/autogrow/README Automatic Editor Height Adjustment to Content}
    • {@link features/resize/README Editor Resizing Customization}
  • Inserting Images – Adding images using three official image plugins available.
    • {@link features/image/README Default Image Plugin}
    • {@link features/image2/README Enhanced Image Plugin}
    • {@link features/easyimage/README Easy Image Plugin}
  • Inserting Content – Adding rich text elements such as code snippets, tables, mathematical formulas, embedded media resources etc. and pasting content from Microsoft Word and Excel.
    • {@link features/pastefromword/README Pasting Content from Microsoft Word}
    • {@link features/pastefromgoogledocs/README Pasting Content from Google Docs}
    • {@link features/pastefromexcel/README Pasting Content from Microsoft Excel}
    • {@link features/pastefromlibreoffice/README Pasting Content from Libre Office}
    • {@link features/table/README Table Support with Column Resizing}
    • {@link features/embed/README Embedding Media Resources with oEmbed}
    • {@link features/codesnippet/README Inserting Code Snippets}
    • {@link features/codesnippetgeshi/README Inserting Code Snippets Using GeSHi}
    • {@link features/mathtype/README Creating Mathematical and Chemical Formulas with MathType}
    • {@link features/mathjax/README Creating Mathematical Formulas with MathJax}
    • {@link features/placeholder/README Using Placeholders}
    • {@link features/drop_paste/README Dropping and Pasting into Editor Content}
  • Styling and Formatting – Working with text styling and formatting.
    • {@link features/basicstyles/README Basic Text Styles: Bold, Italic and More}
    • {@link features/copyformatting/README Using the Copy Formatting Feature}
    • {@link features/removeformat/README Removing Text Formatting}
    • {@link features/styles/README Applying Styles to Editor Content}
    • {@link features/format/README Applying Block-Level Text Formats}
    • {@link features/colorbutton/README Setting Text and Background Color}
  • Working with Document – Editing content source code or using document-related features such as magic line or spell checker.
    • {@link features/spellcheck/README Proofreading, Spelling and Grammar Checking}
    • {@link features/exporttopdf/README Exporting content to PDF}
    • {@link features/autocomplete/README Autocomplete}
    • {@link features/mentions/README Mentions and Tags}
    • {@link features/emoji/README Emoji}
    • {@link features/sourcearea/README Source Code Editing}
    • {@link features/magicline/README Magic Line}
  • Accessibility Support – Utilities that make working with CKEditor 4 accessible for people with disabilities.
    • {@link features/accessibility_checker/README Managing Content Accessibility with Accessibility Checker}
    • {@link features/shortcuts/README Keyboard Shortcuts}

Integration Features

This part describes features that are targeted at developers who implement CKEditor 4 and integrate it with their websites or applications. Refer to it for information about:

  • Editor UI – Fixed and floating UI as well as sharing UI among numerous editor instances.
    • {@link features/uitypes/README Editor User Interface Types}
    • {@link features/sharedspace/README Shared Toolbar and Bottom Bar}
  • Toolbar – Customizing the editor toolbar.
    • {@link features/toolbar/README Toolbar Configuration}
    • {@link features/balloontoolbar/README Balloon Toolbar}
    • {@link features/toolbarlocation/README Toolbar Location}
    • {@link features/toolbarconcepts/README Understanding CKEditor Toolbar Concepts}
  • API Usage – Using rich CKEditor API.
    • {@link features/readonly/README Read-Only Mode}
    • {@link features/notifications/README Notifications}
  • Output Control – Adjusting editor output by setting the HTML format or making the editor work on BBCode.
    • {@link features/output_format/README HTML Output Formatting}
    • {@link features/fullpage/README Full Page Editing with Document Properties Plugin}
    • {@link features/enterkey/README Enter Key Configuration}
    • {@link features/bbcode/README BBCode Editing}
  • Utilities – Additional tools that make configuring and extending CKEditor 4 easier.
    • {@link features/devtools/README Using Developer Tools Plugin to Customize Dialog Windows}
    • {@link features/uicolorpicker/README Using the UI Color Picker}