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CKEditor 4 documentation
Learn how to install, integrate, configure and develop CKEditor 4. Browse through API documentation and online samples.

CKEditor 4 Guides

{@link guide/dev/installation/README Getting Started}
How to download, install, and use CKEditor.
{@link guide/dev/advanced_installation/README Advanced Installation Tasks}
More advanced installation tasks, like installing additional components, upgrading, building and using package managers.
{@link features/index Features Overview}
An overview of CKEditor features.
{@link guide/dev/integration/easyimage/README Integration}
How to integrate Easy Image, Angular Framework, React Framework, Vue Framework, file browsers or uploaders, and how to use the jQuery adapter.
{@link guide/dev/deep_dive/README CKEditor Deep Dive}
More advanced CKEditor concepts, like widgets and content filtering.
{@link guide/dev/contributing/README Contributing}
How to contribute to CKEditor development.
{@link guide/dev/browsers/README Compatibility, Compliance, License}
Browser compatibility and licensing information.
{@link guide/dev/howtos/basic_configuration/README HOWTOs}
Most frequently asked questions and answers.

CKEditor 4 Plugin SDK

{@link guide/plugin_sdk/intro/README Introduction}
Introduction to CKEditor Plugin SDK.
{@link guide/plugin_sdk/sample/README Creating a Basic Plugin}
Creating a CKEditor Plugin in 20 Lines of Code.
{@link guide/plugin_sdk/sample_1/README Simple Plugin Tutorial}
Learn by creating a simple plugin, part 1.
{@link guide/plugin_sdk/sample_2/README Integration with ACF}
Integrate a plugin with Advanced Content Filter.
{@link guide/plugin_sdk/styles/README Plugin Stylesheets}
How to add plugin styles and integrate them with CKEditor.

CKEditor 4 Widget SDK

{@link guide/widget_sdk/intro/README Introduction}
Creating custom CKEditor widgets.
{@link guide/widget_sdk/tutorial_1/README Widget Tutorial}
Learn by creating a simple widget.

CKEditor 4 Skin SDK

{@link guide/skin_sdk/intro/README Introduction}
Creating custom CKEditor skins.
{@link guide/skin_sdk/icons/README Advanced Concepts}
In-depth details about concepts that constitute a skin.
{@link guide/skin_sdk/setup/README Creating a Custom Skin}
The workflow of creating a custom skin.
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