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A set of software development tools for CKEditor 4 along with samples.
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⚠ This repository is no longer maintained ⚠

We moved all examples to the ckeditor-docs repository. You will find all the former SDK samples in the Examples section of the CKEditor 4 documentation.

CKEditor SDK

This repository contained the CKEditor SDK that included the CKEditor developer documentation as well as working CKEditor samples showcasing its numerous features.

It was used for building the online version of the CKEditor SDK which was previously available at You could also download the built package (click the Download SDK button at to use it offline.

Note: Use the Issues tab to report any bugs and tips. Thanks!

Building a Release Version of CKEditor SDK


  1. Get Node.js.

  2. Get Ruby.

  3. Follow instructions in ckeditor-docs in order to setup working documentation dev environment.

  4. Install Compass:

     gem update --system
     gem install compass


  1. First things first, install all package dependencies:

     npm install
  2. Setup the the builder, submodules, etc.:

     grunt setup
  3. (Optional) Update Git submodules (will commit submodule HEADs change):

     grunt update
  4. Run Grunt build task to build the CKEditor SDK:

     grunt build

Available Grunt Commands:

  1. setup

     grunt setup

    Initializes the SDK builder.

  2. update

     grunt update [OPTIONS]

    Updates CKEditor presets and CKEditor docs submodules to the --sdk-ckeditor-version (defaults to master), commits this change and updates all submodules recursively.


    Specifies which branch or tag to checkout the submodules. Defaults to master.

  3. build

     grunt build [OPTIONS] [FLAGS]

    When the build process is finished, you can find a working copy of CKEditor SDK in the build/<version>/ directory (where <version> is the --sdk-version).


    Determines whether to build an offline or an online version.

    VERSION may be: offline (default) or online.


    Builds a development version of SDK using ../ckeditor-dev/ repository.


    Determines whether to pack the build into a .zip archive.


    Verbose mode for the building process.

  4. watch-css

     grunt watch-css

    Utilizes compass watch and outputs CSS directly into the dev/ckeditor-sdk/theme/css instead of template/theme/css. Useful for developing styles for a working SDK.

    Note#1: Call grunt build first. Developing CSS does not make much sense if there is no HTML.

    Note#2: Produced styles are uncompressed. Also CSS<->SASS map are built.

  5. validatelinks

     grunt validatelinks

    Validate links in samples and the main index file.


See for licensing details.

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