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f1ames committed Feb 12, 2020
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@@ -17,12 +17,17 @@ Fixed Issues:
* [#3587]( [Edge, IE] Fixed: [Widget]( with form input elements loses focus during typing.
* [#3705]( [Safari] Fixed: Safari incorrectly removes blocks with [`editor.extractSelectedHtml()`]( method after selecting all content.
* [#1306]( Fixed: [Font]( plugin creates nested HTML `span` tags when reapplying the same font multiple times.
* [#3498]( Fixed: Editor throws an error during copy operation when [Widget]( is partially selected.
* [#2517]( [Chrome, Firefox, Safari] Fixed: Inserting new image when selection partially covers existing [Enhanced Image]( widget throws an error.
* [#3007]( [Chrome, Firefox, Safari] Fixed: Cannot modify editor's content once a selection is released over a [Widget](
* [#3698]( Fixed: Cutting selected text when [Widget]( is partailly selected merges paragraphs.

API Changes:

* [#3387]( Added the [CKEDITOR.ui.richCombo#select]( method.
* [#3727]( Added new commands `textColor` and `bgColor` which applies the selected color choosen by the [Color Button]( plugin.
* [#3728]( Added new commands `font` and `fontSize` which applies the selected font style choosen by the [Font]( plugin.
* [#3842]( Added [`editor.getSelectedRanges`]( alias.

## CKEditor 4.13.1

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