@Reinmar Reinmar released this Oct 3, 2017 · 693 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes

  • ContextualBalloon should remember position passed to #updatePosition(). Closes #305. Closes ckeditor/ckeditor5-image#141. (c787c0d)
  • ContextualToolbar should not be positioned to a zero–width DOM rect when invoked for a multi-line forward selection. Closes #308. (00b701b)
  • ContextualToolbar will accept the object format of config.contextualToolbar. Closes #316. (d71cad8)
  • Fixed sticky panel's z-index so it's correctly rendered above images (or other relatively positioned elements). Closes #315. (00f2add)
  • The content of the BalloonPanelView should be selectable. Closes #294. Closes ckeditor/ckeditor5#498. (e5315df)


  • Implemented View#removeChildren(), the opposite of View#addChildren(). Closes #303. (0f1ea5a)
  • Replaced StickyToolbarView with a generic StickyPanelView. Closes #297. (b10b43c)

Other changes

  • ToolbarView#fillFromConfig() will warn when the factory does not provide a component. Closes #291. Closes ckeditor/ckeditor5#526. (2e63e70)
  • The escPressHandler function should be replaced by the KeystrokeHandler. Closes #150. (b322744)


  • Toolbar#fillFromConfig() cannot be now called with an undefined. Make sure to use normalizeToolbarConfig() to get a reliable object.
  • The escPressHandler is no longer available. Please
    refer to the KeystrokeHandler helper to learn more.
  • The StickyToolbarView and corresponding CSS .ck-sticky-panel classes are no longer available. StickyPanelView + ToolbarView combo should be used instead.
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