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Bug fixes

Other changes

  • Implemented View#render() method which replaces rendering the #element upon the first access and incorporates the #init() method functionality. Closes #262. Closes #302. (bf90ad5)

    In other words – the View#render() method needs to be called to render a view and it sets the View#element itself. It can be called only once and it is done automatically if a view is added to some other view (as its child). If you need to add any additional logic to your component's initialization, then override the render() method (and remember to call super.render()).

    Additionally, from now on View#setTemplate() and View#extendTemplate() methods are recommended as a shorthand for view.template = new Template( { ... } ) and Template.extend( view.template ).

    Please refer to the updated documentation to learn more.

  • Removed legacy width and height attributes from the BoxedEditorUIView. Closes #25. (ffa419a)

  • The ComponentFactory should be case-insensitive. Closes #324. (94417e9)

  • Updated translations. (186f365)


  • The View#init() method in UI components has been renamed to render(). Please refer to the documentation to learn more.
  • The View#element is no longer a getter which renders an element when first referenced. Use the View#render() method instead.
  • Template#children property became an Array (previously ViewCollection).
  • View#addChildren() and View#removeChildren() methods became #registerChildren() and #deregisterChildren().
  • The DOM structure of the StickyPanelView has changed along with the class names. Please refer to the component documentation to learn more.
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