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Use the **navigation tree on the left****main menu button in the upper-left corner** to navigate through selected CKEditor 5 features.

Feature availability

The number of features available for CKEditor 5 is constantly growing. Plenty of them are included by default in CKEditor 5 Builds and are available out-of-the-box, like for example {@link features/autoformat autoformatting} or {@link features/keyboard-support keyboard support}. However, some of the presented features need to be manually included in a customized CKEditor 5 build, for example the {@link features/markdown Markdown processor} which outputs Markdown instead of HTML.

Feature examples

Each rich-text editor feature is presented on a separate page, with one or more working demos showcasing a feature along with some customization ideas that you can use in your implementation.

**In most demos the number of features enabled is limited** to make the currently highlighted piece of functionality stand out more. However, in your CKEditor 5 WYSIWYG editor implementation you are free to choose and combine any features you like from those available. This can be easily and conveniently done in the [CKEditor 5 online builder](

Looking for more?

The examples on the left do not present all features included in CKEditor 5. For example, some end-user features like bulleted and numbered lists or undo and redo are quite self-explanatory.

CKEditor 5 is in active development now and new features are added all the time, while the existing ones are being expanded and improved. If you are missing anything in particular, feel free to suggest a new feature and share your feedback with us. If it has already been reported by someone else, upvote it 👍 to show your support.

How about creating your own features?

Probably the most exciting features are the ones you can develop on top of CKEditor 5 Framework! We are gradually enhancing the {@link framework/index CKEditor 5 Framework documentation} together with {@link api/index API documentation}, hoping to give you a solid base for {@link framework/guides/creating-simple-plugin creating custom features}.

The official add-ons repository for CKEditor 4 reached an impressive number of over 300 add-ons created and published by the community. Now it is time for you to add your contributions to the brand new CKEditor 5!