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CKEditor 5 Framework documentation
Learn how to install, integrate, configure and develop CKEditor 5 Framework. Browse through API documentation and online samples.

CKEditor 5 Framework

CKEditor 5 Framework is a set of components allowing you to create any kind of rich text editing solution.

Use the **navigation tree on the left****main menu button in the upper-left corner** to navigate through CKEditor 5 Framework documentation.

Related links

  • {@link features/index Features} – Learn about some of the features included in CKEditor 5 Framework.
  • {@link examples/index Examples} – Try live demos of all available builds. View some of the possible customizations of CKEditor.
The CKEditor 5 Framework documentation is still in progress, so it may be lacking many things. Feel free to [suggest documentation enhancements]( and share your feedback about the framework.
If the documentation is insufficient, please do not be afraid of looking into the source code of [CKEditor 5 packages]( For example if you plan to create a new feature, check if a similar feature already exists and try to take inspiration from its source code.
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