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(use hyde hyde-atom environments posix srfi-1 regex)
;; This has been taken from the gazette's hyde config
;; Thanks to Moritz Heidkamp for that
(define root-path (make-parameter (string-append (current-directory) "/" (output-dir) "/")))
(root-path "/~ckeen/blog/")
(define $ (environment-ref (page-eval-env) '$))
(define page-path (environment-ref (page-eval-env) 'page-path))
(define current-page (environment-ref (page-eval-env) 'current-page))
(define (page-updated page)
(or ($ 'updated page) ($ 'date page)))
(define (sort-by pages accessor)
(sort pages (lambda (p1 p2) (> (accessor p1) (accessor p2)))))
(define (pages-matching regex)
(map cdr (filter (lambda (p) (string-match regex (car p)))
((environment-ref (page-eval-env) 'pages)))))
(define (page-url #!optional (page (current-page)))
(string-append (root-path) (page-path page)))
(define (neat-date d)
(time->string (seconds->utc-time d) "%Y-%m-%d %Z"))
(define (count-tags pages)
(let ((tags '()))
(map (lambda (page)
(map (lambda(t) (let ((new-v (or (alist-ref t tags equal?) '())))
(set! tags (alist-update! t (cons (list ($ 'title page) (page-url page)) new-v) tags equal?))))
(or ($ 'tags page) '())))
(define (tag-class t)
; ranges are up-to limits, so tags with a count up to 3 are considered 'low'
(let* ((ranges '((3 "low")
(5 "medium")
(100 "high")))
(class (filter (lambda (a) (< (length (cdr t)) (car a))) ranges)))
(string-append "tag-" (if (pair? class)
(cadar class)
(cadar ranges)))))
(define (navigation-links)
(let ((nav '(("Home" "index.html")
("Tags" "tags.html")
("Archive" "archive.html"))))
(map (lambda (l) `((a (@ (href ,(root-path)"/",(cdr l))) ,(car l)) " | ")) nav)))
(for-each (lambda (binding)
(apply environment-extend! (cons (page-eval-env) binding)))
`((page-updated ,page-updated)
(neat-date ,neat-date)
(count-tags ,count-tags)
(max-articles ,(lambda () 5))
(navigation-links ,navigation-links)
(page-url ,page-url)
(root-path ,root-path)
(tag-class ,tag-class)
(all-pages ,(lambda ()
(sort-by (pages-matching "posts/.+") page-updated)))))