A set of guides and catalogs to help test software
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Testing Guides & Catalog

Having a good catalog or guide to reference (either one you created or this one) should be part of every software tester + developers toolbox. The following are meant to help with specific and more generalized testing, to provoke ideas for finding failures.

Catalogs and Guides provide Test Ideas. Sometimes they're going to be applicable, sometimes they won't and still other times they won't be worth testing.

You can develop a standard set of tests for a specific type of object (or risk) and reuse the set for similar things in this product and later products. Marick (1994) suggested that testers develop these types of lists and called them test idea catalogs.


Definitely need a table of contents.

Other Guides & Catalogs

Questions, Suggestions


  • What are we missing?
  • Open a Pull Request to add some data
  • File an Issue, add it yourself or add something to the TODO list!