Module that allows you to remotely manage ExpressionEngine sites and synchronise data
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Site Manager

This is ALPHA software and is not to be used in Production

ExpressionEngine module that allows you to manage sites remotely as well as compare and syncronise channels, fields, fieldgroups and categories.


Before installing the Site Manager Client you will need to install the RequireJS-for-EE extension. The Site Manager Server does not require RequireJS-for-EE.

  • Install the Site Manager Client module in the site you wish to use as the central point to manage your sites.
  • Install the Site Manager Server module in each site you wish to manage remotely.

Warning - This software is still in active development and is not fully compatible with all third party addons. Please backup your database before performing any synchronisation operations.

Notes for Testers

These are the following items that this module needs tested:

  • Synchronising between different EE versions
  • Data communication happens via Browser. Hence different browsers need to be tested in order to outline compatibility
  • SSL communication testing
  • Fieldtype testing (Particularly fields that store field settings in separate tables)

Project License

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, however, this license does not apply to included libraries (see below) which may have different licenses.

Included Libraries & Licenses

Site manager includes several libraries, each with its own license and development priorities: