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Starter template for a bare bones choo app with parcel
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I've recently started multiple new projects that are using both choo and parcel. I started using choo because I didn't want the overhead of a large JS framework, and I honestly didn't need everything that comes with them. I just wanted a bit of templating and routing help. Choo was perfect for me in that regards. Parcel seemed like a logical choice to pair with it because of the no-configuration approach that could be used both as a dev-server and as a bundler providing the necessary transforms I was looking for.

Getting started

  • Just clone this repo
  • yarn install or npm install if that's your flavor of choice
  • yarn dev or npm run dev to run the dev server, and open localhost:1234


  • yarn run build or npm run build

This will produce your build in the /dist directory ready to be deployed.

That's pretty much it. This is a skeleton template that simply shows how easy it is to get up and running with choo and parcel. Feel free to move things around and change the structure to your liking or style.

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