Haskell library for platform independent graphics using VNC
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What is Chitra - 

Chitra in most Indian languages means "Image". This aim of this project is to
build an VNC library that can be used to develop interactive graphical
application. What I think will be the strength of Chitra would be its "platform
independence". So, the idea is, the library would have a "putpixel" function
which when called would render a pixel on an image buffer that would be
rendered via the vnc server. For viewing and interactive with the aplication,
one would use a standard VNC client. Eventually, I might chose to do this using
the RDP protocol that even has support for sound.

To try out -

Just do a make and you should have the executable *Main* created. 

Run ./Main <width> <height> <port> 

Now try connecting a vnc client to localhost:5900 - typically, that would be