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Vue 2.0 project boilerplate.

Looking for a more updated, light-weight boilerplate? Check out vue-mix


  • Vue 2.0
  • Vue Router 2.0
  • Vue Stash 2.0
  • Vue Events
  • Vue Resource
  • lodash
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap Sass
  • Font Awesome
  • Laravel Elixir


  • Clone the git repo git clone
  • Change into the directory cd vue-stack-2.0
  • Run npm install
  • Run gulp
  • Open ./public/index.html with your browser.


Global Store

Visit ./app/store.js to add properties to your global store. Pre-initialize these properties and they'll be reactive just like other properties in your component's data option.

You can access these properties from from within any component using the store option or via vm.$store.

See vue-stash for more details regarding the global store.

Global Event Bus

Since the vm.$dispatch and vm.$broadcast events have been deprecated, vue-stack-2.0 leverages vue-events to simplify event handling.

Fire an event

  • vm.$'event-name', data)
  • vm.$events.emit('event-name', data)
  • vm.$events.$emit('event-name', data)

Listen for an event

  • vm.$events.listen('event-name', cb())
  • vm.$events.on('event-name', cb())
  • vm.$events.$on('event-name', cb())

See vue-events for more details.

SPA Routing

vue-stack-2.0 leverages the latest vue-router. To get started, checkout ./app/routes.js.

I'm using laravel/homestead and browser-sync