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:name: "Bricks and Mortar"
:desc: "Added files to the index area for inclusion in the next commit with git add"
:count: 1
:name: "Delivery"
:desc: "Applied a patch using git am"
:count: 1
:name: "Bug Hunter"
:desc: "Performed a binary search to find which change introduced a bug with git bisect"
:count: 1
:name: "Blame Game"
:desc: "Used git blame to annotate a file with information about changes"
:count: 1
:name: "Cold Transfer"
:desc: "Bundled git objects and refs with git bundle"
:count: 1
:name: "Fine Grain"
:desc: "Applied a commit from one branch to another with git cherry-pick"
:count: 1
:name: "Shopping Spree"
:desc: "Changed branches with git checkout"
:count: 1
"checkout -b":
:name: "Impulse Buy"
:desc: "Created a new branch with git checkout -b"
:count: 1
:name: "Mr. Clean"
:desc: "Used git clean to remove untracked files from the working tree"
:count: 1
:name: "Replicator"
:desc: "Used git clone to copy a repository into a new directory"
:count: 1
:name: "Author"
:desc: "Made a commit using git commit"
:count: 1
:name: "Bestseller"
:desc: "Made 100 commits using git commit"
:count: 100
:name: "Tinkerer"
:desc: "Used git config to set configuration options"
:count: 1
:name: "Foreshadowing"
:desc: "Used git diff to see a diff of changes"
:count: 1
:name: "Expansion"
:desc: "Downloaded objects and refs from another repository with git fetch"
:count: 1
:name: "Hedge Trimming"
:desc: "Rewrote a branch with git filter-branch"
:count: 1
:name: "Mail Clerk"
:desc: "Prepared patches for email submission with git format-patch"
:count: 1
:name: "Housekeeping"
:desc: "Optimized a local repository with git gc"
:count: 1
:name: "Private Investigator"
:desc: "Searched tracked files using git grep"
:count: 1
:name: "Mailman"
:desc: "Sent patches to an IMAP folder using git imap-send"
:count: 1
:name: "Empty Lot"
:desc: "Initialize a git repository with git init"
:count: 1
:name: "Pixels Everywhere"
:desc: "Browse your working repository on gitweb with git instaweb"
:count: 1
:name: "Historian"
:desc: "Read the commit history with git log"
:count: 1
:name: "Unification"
:desc: "Joined two or more commit histories with git merge"
:count: 1
:name: "Moving Day"
:desc: "Moved something with git mv"
:count: 1
:name: "Archer"
:desc: "Fetched from and merged with another repository with git pull"
:count: 1
:name: "Social Butterfly"
:desc: "Pushed a branch to a remote repository using git push"
:count: 1
:name: "Slice and Dice"
:desc: "Rebased local commits to updated upstream head with git rebase"
:count: 1
:name: "Seamstress"
:desc: "Investigated old branches using git reflog"
:count: 1
"remote add":
:name: "Connected"
:desc: "Added an external repository with git remote add"
:count: 1
:name: "Second Guess"
:desc: "Changed the current HEAD state with git reset"
:count: 1
:name: "Fireball"
:desc: "Removed something with git rm"
:count: 1
:name: "Annex"
:desc: "Loaded a restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access with git shell"
:count: 1
:name: "Showoff"
:desc: "Displayed one or more objects (blobs trees tags and commits) with git show"
:count: 1
:name: "Forest Cartography"
:desc: "Displayed a branch graph with git show-branch"
:count: 1
:name: "Hoarder"
:desc: "Stashed local changes using git stash"
:count: 1
:name: "Status Report"
:desc: "Viewed the working tree status with git status"
:count: 1
"submodule add":
:name: "Sublet"
:desc: "Added a submodule with git submodule add"
:count: 1
"submodule update":
:name: "Renovations"
:desc: "Updated one or more submodules with git submodule update"
:count: 1
:name: "Dinosaur"
:desc: "Streamed changes to svn with git svn"
:count: 1
:name: "Label Wizard"
:desc: "Created deleted or listed one or more tags with git tag"
:count: 1
:name: "Forgetful"
:desc: "Showed the difference each commit introduced with git whatchanged"
:count: 1
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