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Fix reading boards after a corrupt board
Fix Linux .desktop file for desktop-file-validator 0.22
Fixes for Linux .desktop file
Fix unrendered lines in knew.hlp
Add macOS support
Support high DPI screens
Respond to window close event and ctrl-C (non-DOS)
Allow resizing window
Add ctrl+ ctrl- shortcuts for scaling window
Support DOSBox on Windows
Upgrade to SDL 2.0
Add high resolution icons
Add docker images for building binaries
New build script for creating binaries
Fixes for buffer overflows, memory leaks, and other bugs
Windows installer defaults to running KevEdit in "My Documents" folder
F4 text entry wraps at end of line
Virtual shift in DOS display: toggled by F12
Flood/Tile Select discriminate by object char
Improved syntax highlighting (especially in help browser)
Bug fixed: duplicator cycle speed
Bug fixed: params created for items on F3 menu
Bug fixed: Stats editor panel updated after editing object code or passage dest
Bug fixed: Reenter coordinates don't decrease every time a board is saved
Bug fixed: Horizonal and vertical blink walls were reversed in F3 menu
Bug fixed: "#if flag !msg;text" is now parsed correctly.
Bug fixed: Messages and hypermessages now parsed correctly.
New text editor implementation with minor usage changes.
Usability issue: Cursor flicked on when it moves, and has a faster blink rate
Bug fixed: SDL cursor no longer "lingers" in gradient point selection
Linux version now supports DOSBox for running ZZT (replacing DOSEMU)
Native Linux and Windows via SDL display
Linux and Windows automatic installer generation
Param Editor interface improvements
Tile Info with ability to add/remove stats (params) for any type
Block/flood Selection, Copy, and Paste
Monitor type recognized
Monitor and blink wall rays added to Terrain menu (but not the displayed panel!)
Object editor panel updated (CTRL-C instead of ALT-C)
CTRL-K access to Kolor dialog for use in Text Entry mode
Help topics added for Stat Editor and Tile Info
Documentation on items, creatures, and terrain added to help
Bug fixed: board move/delete no longer crash on passages w/o stats
Aquire mode grows the backbuffer by default
#play-back works on the back of other commands
Bug fixed: importing a corrupt board crashed KevEdit
Bug fixed: special bind index is now recognized in program length
zztParam.magic1 broken into "leader" and "follower" for centipedes
zztParam.magic2 renamed to just magic (it's all alone now)
Objects may be #lock-ed and #unlock-ed
Time remaining available for bombs
ALT-T also runs zzt for testing (by popular demand)
Monitor, blink rays, and dead smiley added to F3 menu
Major overhaul of main() -- migrated most code to kevedit.c
Statless players can be any colour
Order of stats is no longer forgotten
0.4.0: February 19, 2002
Migration to libzzt2
Music testing
Better running of ZZT
Text editor loads from and stores to registers
Backbuffer Locking
Pattern buffer quick keys 0-9
Gradient draw tool improvements
Terrain remains under creatures
Board Movement and Deletion
Board Transfer
Board size statistics
Quick key reference organized by key purpose
All F-menu tiles implemented
Dynamic dialog system introduced
Param editing implemented! After all these years!!!
0.3.4: November 14, 2001
Bug fixed in help system
Bug fixed: backbuffers now deallocated
General code cleanup and organization
Display library keyboard handling improved
File dialogs support multiple directories
ZZT goes directly to the title screen when run
Text file loading allows for non-wordwrapping
Gradient Tool
0.3.3: October 27, 2001
Bug fixed in save dialog
Bug fixed when cutting on a single line
Fixed small memory leak when storing objects with truncated object code
Board Info implemented
CTRL used instead of ALT in copy/paste
Hypertext help system implemented using help metafile
Better path awareness -- ZZT worlds can be in any directory
Improved floodfill system using selections
Kolor selector
ZZL support
0.3.2: October 4, 2001
Mini-keyboard handler chained to default one to detect shift keys
Scrolls implemented
Editing an object also edits its character
Duplicators, ruffians, slimes, sharks implemented
Getcolour function fixed for sharks
Copy and paste in ZOC Editor
Random floodfill, get mode, gradient mode
Help displays readme file & interprets ZOC markup
Many internal upgrades
0.3.1: October 21, 2000
Blinkwall lines now drawn properly
DPMI time slices are given up for more multitasking friendliness
Text entry implemented
ZZT-OOP editor import/export
ZZT-OOP syntax highlighting improved to add #command argument highlighting
0.3: August 22, 2000
Bound DELETE to plot an empty
ZZT OOP editor w/ syntax highlight & wordwrap implemented
Bound modify to <enter>, grab only to <insert>
Bound 'r' to run zzt on current world
Moved drawscrollbox() to screen.c & added yendoffset (for highlight efficiency)
Many more function key items added, blinking fixed
0.2.1: August 12, 2000
Player position bugfix
Memory holes plugged
Startup segfault fixed
Blinking floodfill allowed
0.2: August 7, 2000
Many bugfixes
Floodfill implimented
Win95/Win98 support
Starting board recognized
0.1: June 14, 2000
Initial Release