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Running ZZT under DOSBox
ZZT works great in DOSBox.  To automatically test worlds, we set up the
following virtual DOS drives:

C:	-> ISO image containing ZZT runtime files
D:	-> Temporary directory containing TEST.ZZT (created by KevEdit)

DOSBox starts up, and mounts those virtual drives.  It runs skip.com, a simple
program that injects [K] [C] [ENTER] into the keyboard buffer, conveniently
skipping over the ZZT intro crap.  It then copies all the ZZT stuff to the
temporary D: drive, and runs ZZT with the test world.  When ZZT exits, DOSBox
runs EXIT, terminating the emulator.

Painless! :)

I was hoping to have DOSBox run ZZT directly from the ISO image, but ZZT seems
to have trouble running worlds from the commandline that are not in its
current directory.

(Note: zzt.exe and zzt.dat are in the public domain.  I wrote skip.com, and
that is in the public domain also.  Have fun with that.)

-- kvance 2005