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Ensure we test for a pool recovering from idle so long as it's not se…

…t to disabled.
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ckolivas committed May 6, 2012
1 parent b85d7b5 commit 848373d13b48124d3479eed3b22764931388199b
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  1. +1 −1 cgminer.c
@@ -4131,7 +4131,7 @@ static void *watchpool_thread(void __maybe_unused *userdata)
if (!opt_benchmark) if (!opt_benchmark)
reap_curl(pool); reap_curl(pool);
if (pool->enabled != POOL_ENABLED) if (pool->enabled == POOL_DISABLED)
continue; continue;
/* Test pool is idle once every minute */ /* Test pool is idle once every minute */

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