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+Version 2.10.3 - December 26, 2012
+- Do not give the share submission failure message on planned stratum
+- Parse anything in the stratum socket if it's full without waiting. Empty the
+socket even if a connection is not needed in case there are share returns.
+- Provide a mechanism to zero all the statistics from the menu.
+- Display the current pool diff in the status line.
+- Display block diff in status line.
+- Generalise the code for solving a block to enable block solve detection with
+scrypt mining.
+- Generate the output hash for scrypt as well and use the one function to set
+- Use the flip80 function in regeneratehash and the correct sized hash array.
+- Use one size for scratchbuf as a macro in scrypt.c
+- Stage work outside of the stgd lock to prevent attempted recursive locking in
+- share_diff needs to be performed on a BE version of the output hash to work,
+leading to false best_share values as spotted by luke-Jr.
+- Remove the unused sha224 functions.
+- Use the flip functions in hashtest.
+- Simplify the setting of the nonce data field in work on submitting nonces.
+- Scrypt code does not enter the hashtest function.
+- Go back to cloning available work under staged lock.
+- Updated links to AMD APP SDK
+- Updated link to ADL SDK
+- scrypt_diff uses a uint64_t as well.
+- Correct target for stratum support with scrypt mining.
+- libztex: fixed a typo
+- libztex: check returnvalue of libusb_claim_interface() and release the
+interface in case of early exit
Version 2.10.2 - December 19, 2012
- Stop all work from the current pool if it's a stratum pool once it is
@@ -966,6 +966,12 @@ average to find one 8 difficulty share, per 8 single difficulty shares found.
However, the number is actually random and converges over time, it is an average,
not an exact value, thus you may find more or less than the expected average.
+Q: Why do the scrypt diffs not match with the current difficulty target?
+A: The current scrypt block difficulty is expressed in terms of how many
+multiples of the BTC difficulty it currently is (eg 28) whereas the shares of
+"difficulty 1" are actually 65536 times smaller than the BTC ones. The diff
+expressed by cgminer is as multiples of difficulty 1 shares.
This code is provided entirely free of charge by the programmer in his spare

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