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MMQ new initialisation (that works) and clocking control

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@@ -2,7 +2,48 @@
This README contains extended details about FPGA mining with cgminer
+ModMinerQuad (MMQ)
+The mining bitstream does not survive a power cycle, so cgminer will upload
+it, if it needs to, before it starts mining
+You must make sure you have an approriate firmware in your MMQ
+Read here for official details of changing the firmware:
+The basics of changing the firmware are:
+ Join the 2 left pads of the "RESET" pad with wire and the led will dim
+ Without dicsonnecting the "RESET", join the 2 left pads of the "ISP" pad
+ with a wire and it will stay dim
+ Release "RESET" then release "ISP" and is should still be dim
+ Unplug the USB and when you plug it back in it will show up as a mass
+ storage device
+ Linux: (as one single line):
+ mcopy -i /dev/disk/by-id/usb-NXP_LPC134X_IFLASH_ISP000000000-0:0
+ modminer091012.bin ::/firmware.bin
+ Windows: delete the MSD device file firmware.bin and copy in the new one
+ rename the new file and put it under the same name 'firmware.bin'
+ Disconnect the USB correctly (so writes are flushed first)
+ Join and then disconnect "RESET" and then plug the USB back in and it's done
+Best to update to one of the latest 2 listed below if you don't already
+have one of them in your MMQ
+The current latest different firmware are:
+ Latest for support of normal or TLM bitstream:
+ Latest with only normal bitstream support (Temps/HW Fix):
+The code is currently tested on the modminer091012.bin firmware.
+This comment will be updated when others have been tested
+Bitforce (BFL)
--bfl-range Use nonce range on bitforce devices if supported
@@ -37,7 +78,8 @@ the MH/s value reported with the changed firmware - and the MH/s reported
will be less than the firmware speed since you lose work on every block change.
+Icarus (ICA)
There are two hidden options in cgminer when Icarus support is compiled in:
@@ -4870,6 +4870,10 @@ static bool hashtest(struct thr_info *thr, struct work *work)
thr->cgpu->api->name, thr->cgpu->device_id);
+ if (thr->cgpu->api->hw_error)
+ thr->cgpu->api->hw_error(thr);
return false;
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