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luke-jr commented Apr 21, 2012

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nelisky and others added some commits Mar 11, 2012
@nelisky nelisky initial commit with some support for ztex 1.15x board.
This version is just a rough draft, but it does alredy mine.


@nelisky nelisky adding ztex bitstreams bd3dc6d
@nelisky nelisky add license headers and some cleanup 0902f21
@nelisky nelisky nonce check and error driven freq scaling
Following BTCMiner's algorithm.
@nelisky nelisky small fixes and cleanup 56ec312
@nelisky nelisky removing hard coded include path for libusb-1.0 98d6664
@nelisky nelisky Reading actual bitfilename dc6e2f4
@nelisky nelisky adding path to libusb include c3bda2b
@nelisky nelisky Some tweasks towards clean exit on error a35205d
@nelisky nelisky changing the bitstream read and push strategy.
It seems that thread heap space is neither large nor consistent across OSs. Specifically on windows I couldn't get a large enough buffer for the whole bitstream in one go, so I'm reading incrementally now
@nelisky nelisky Starting to handle ztex disconnects and errors 8e08f56
@nelisky nelisky NULLing handle on destroy 95d17e9
@nelisky nelisky Better cleanup and error handling 3197ca5
@nelisky nelisky Improved ztex device detection 8f58d25
@nelisky nelisky ztex Mhz reporting 7975638
@nelisky nelisky Adding serial number to status line.
Also preventing segfault on device removal.
@nelisky nelisky Ztex device removal segfault fixed a960087
@nelisky nelisky Tweaks to make ztex work on a tp-link router with openwrt 608a520
@nelisky nelisky Small tweaks to freq reporting 57a2764
@nelisky nelisky had freqM1 as int when it is a double. 381c294
@nelisky nelisky leak fix 3067a41
@nelisky nelisky ztex detect was broken due to bad branch split 0649972
@nelisky nelisky removing unused libusb_context pointer 7fe7d18
@nelisky nelisky Some cleanup f9d4d92
@nelisky nelisky Moving space indentation to tabs
For consistency with cgminer sources
@nelisky nelisky Some cleanup 9ba2e21
@nelisky nelisky Use detected endianness for ztex overflow detection and hash rate rep…
@ckolivas Merge branch 'ztex-master' of https://github.com/nelisky/cgminer into…
… ztex
@ckolivas Style police on libztex.c. bd46119
@ckolivas Merge branch 'master' into ztex c7cc2e4
@luke-jr luke-jr Merge branch 'master' into ztex 657716e
@luke-jr luke-jr Make a union for cgpu device handles, and rename "device" to "device_…
…ztex" since it's Ztex-specific
@ckolivas ckolivas merged commit 730849c into ckolivas:master Apr 22, 2012
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