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6dcceb0 @ckolivas Initial import
authored Mar 29, 2010
1 Original concept and programming by Con Kolivas
3 Beginning with version 0.19, Peter Hyman submitted bug fixes,
4 patches, multi-threading support, assembler integration,
5 SDK updating, and autoconf improvements.
7 Thanks to:
64eb844 @ckolivas Import Jari Aalto's patches and prepare for 0.45
authored Mar 30, 2010
8 Andrew Tridgell for rzip
9 Markus Oberhumer for lzo
10 Igor Pavlov for lzma and CRC Assembler code
6dcceb0 @ckolivas Initial import
authored Mar 28, 2010
11 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for the zlib compression library
12 Christian Leber for lzma compat layer
13 Lasse Collin for debugging the compat layer
14 Michael J Cohen for Darwin support
15 Jukka Laurila for newer Darwin support
fa37910 @ckolivas Update docs to reflect changes
authored Apr 3, 2010
16 George Makrydakis for lrztar, lrzuntar
64eb844 @ckolivas Import Jari Aalto's patches and prepare for 0.45
authored Mar 30, 2010
17 Jari Aalto for documentation and typos and git help
b31b370 @ckolivas Fix windows EOL & update authors
authored Apr 25, 2010
18 Jon Tibble for nasm tests & Solaris support
e915595 @ckolivas Update changelogs.
authored Mar 8, 2012
19 Michael Blumenkrantz for updated autotools and liblrzip!
25a018f @ckolivas Update Authors to include Serge Belyshev.
authored Mar 21, 2011
20 Serge Belyshev for encryption help and code
1647b40 @ckolivas Unused variable.
authored Mar 21, 2011
21 Ulrich Drepper for MD5 implementation
22 PolarSSL authors for sha512 + aes128 implementation
d5e048d @ckolivas Add a bash completion script courtest of Fernando Auil and install it…
authored Sep 15, 2011
23 Fernando Auil for lrzip completion
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