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This is an updated LZMA library wrapper provided with SDK 4.63.
The SDK is available here:
It is written completely in C and compilation and integration
is much simpler. To enable multithreading support, compile
with COMPRESS_MF_MT and _REENTRANT defined. MF=Match Finder,
MT=Multi Thread. In addition, link in pthread. This is default
behavior in lrzip. For single thread support, remove these
defines in the Makefile.
Some additional documentation is provided from the SDK.
File ./C/7zCrcT8.c is added to support ASM CRC code. Taken
Original README text follows.
This is a zlib like library for the lzma encoder/decoder originally created
by Oleg I. Vdovikin <> and modified for lrzip by Con Kolivas
It is based on a stripped down source tree of the lzma SDK by Igor Pavlov.
You can build a standalone library called liblzma.a which gives functions
equivalent to compress2() and uncompress() called lzma_compress() and
Updated for recent SDK 4.57 and added assembler routines for crc
using variant by Peter Hyman