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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ Jukka Laurila for newer Darwin support
George Makrydakis for lrztar, lrzuntar
Jari Aalto for documentation and typos and git help
Jon Tibble for nasm tests & Solaris support
-Michael Blumenkrantz for updated autotools
+Michael Blumenkrantz for updated autotools and liblrzip!
Serge Belyshev for encryption help and code
Ulrich Drepper for MD5 implementation
PolarSSL authors for sha512 + aes128 implementation
@@ -1,4 +1,19 @@
lrzip ChangeLog
+MARCH 2012, version 0.610 Con Kolivas, Michael Blumenkrantz
+* Implement complete set of liblrzip libraries, documentation and example uses
+with support for simple lrzip_compress() and lrzip_decompress() or complete
+fine-grained control over all compression and decompression options.
+* Use as much of the low buffer as possible with a single memcopy before going
+fine grained byte by byte.
+* Preserve the compressed time on decompression where suitable.
+* Store a copy of the control struct to be reused on subsequent files to prevent
+variables being modified in the control struct on the first file that corrupt
+compression/decompression of the 2nd file.
+* Explicitly select C99 to avoid certain warnings.
+* Generic modifications to silence -Wextra warnings.
+* Fix typos.
SEPTEMBER 2011, version 0.608 Con Kolivas
* get_sb only allows accessing one byte at a time, yet we don't need that
functionality when sliding mmap is not in use. Use different versions of the
@@ -1,3 +1,17 @@
+The new liblrzip library allows you to add lrzip compression and decompression
+to other applications with either simple lrzip_compress and lrzip_decompress
+functions or fine control over all the options with low level functions.
+Faster rzip stage when files are large enough to require the sliding mmap
+feature (usually >1/3 of ram) and in unlimited mode.
+A bug where multiple files being compressed or decompressed from the one
+command line could have gotten corrupted was fixed.
+Modification date of the decompressed file is now set to that of the lrzip
+archive (support for storing the original file's date would require modifying
+the archive format again).
+Compilation warning fixes.
Faster rzip stage through use of a selective get_sb function.

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