Commits on Apr 12, 2014
  1. liquidwar6: 0.4.3681-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 12, 2014
Commits on Apr 10, 2014
  1. stone-soup: 0.14.0-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        * The lower half of D is now a new branch, the Depths.
        * Two new species: Formicids and Vine Stalkers.
        * A new deity: Dithmenos the Shadowed.
        * Greatly revised monster sets in the Lair branches.
        * Greatly revised summoning spell sets.
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 10, 2014
Commits on Apr 9, 2014
  1. stone-soup: 0.13.2-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        * More crash fixes.
        * More message improvements.
        * Long inscriptions in inventory are trimmed.
        * Inscriptions can show unicode.
        * Branch entrances can no longer be blocked by traps.
        * Autoexplore no longer mysteriously gets stuck.
        * Explore horizon no longer hides detected items.
        * Wanderers cannot start with both a shield and two-handed weapon
        * Avoid giving double piety for some collateral kills.
        * Monsters now use the correct number of charges when zapping rods.
        * Fixed various issues with inspecting unknown squares.
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 9, 2014
Commits on Apr 8, 2014
  1. tong: 1.3-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 8, 2014
  2. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: memory leak on window resize.
        fix: crash with map layer patches.
        add: improve performance.
        add: chat command for send message to gms.
        Command: /gm message
        add: context menu in windows.
        add: in social window highlight poisoned hp bad with other color.
        add: option to hide support link on errors.
        add: option to show server side player position.
        add: swap X and left Ctrl keys.
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 8, 2014
  3. openttd: 1.4.0-1~getdeb2

      * New upstream version
        1.4.0 (2014-04-01)
        1.4.0-RC1 (2014-03-18)
        - Feature: [Script] APIs to get cargo waiting from/via other station
        - Fix: Do not explain "symmetric" cargodist mode when the setting does
        not allow it [FS#5939] (r26394)
        - Fix: Update distances between link graph nodes when station sign is
        moved (r26393)
        - Fix: No need to call OnFocus twice [FS#5933] (r26392)
        - Fix: Select a specific font size when freetype fails to select one
        automatically [FS#5885] (r26389)
        - Fix: Return correct values from ICU iterators in case of leading or
        trailing whitespace [FS#5924] (r26384)
        - Fix: All goal commands invalidated the goal list of company 0 [FS#5932]
        1.4.0-beta5 (2014-02-25)
        - Feature: Warn the user about empty setting search results, and about
        missing setting search results due to filtering (r26322, r26321)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Extend object variable 0x60 to also return the view
        [FS#5696] (r26316)
        - Feature: Allow map sizes up to 4096x4096 (r26319)
        - Feature: [NoGo] Allow GS to hide story page date (r26307)
        - Feature: [NoGo] More story APIs: RemovePageElement, GetCompany,
        GetDate, SetDate (r26306)
        - Feature: [NoGo] ScriptStoryPageElementList() - a list of all story page
        elements for a given page (r26305)
        - Feature: [NoGo] ScriptStoryPageList() - a list of all story pages
        - Change: improve the performance of map generation (r26313, r26312,
        r26311, r26310, r26309, r26308)
        - Fix: Station sizes > 8 were always allowed [FS#5929] (r26375)
        - Fix: [NewGRF] Mixed up callback mask flags in station inspect window
        [FS#5928] (r26374)
        - Fix: Calling DoCommandP during the gameloop cleared pending persistent
        storage changes [FS#5831] (r26371)
        - Fix: [Windows] Use a separate event to indicate that the drawing thread
        has finished initialising, preventing potential deadlocks (r26367)
        - Fix: [Windows] Protect the whole video driver from concurrent access
        - Fix: [Windows] Do not draw the cursor when its sprite is not ready and
        set _screen.dst_ptr immediately when the buffer changes [FS#5867]
        - Fix: Writing out of the bounds of the rail type map [FS#5892] (r26364)
        - Fix: Reset the default window size icon size just like all the other
        cached icon sizes [FS#5906] (r26362)
        - Fix: ClientSizeChanged is only called via WndProcGdi which already has
        the mutex [FS#5922] (r26360)
        - Fix: Some order options do not combine with others, e.g. go via + full
        load [FS#5845] (r26357)
        - Fix: Protect all VideoDriver_SDL methods with the (now recursive)
        _draw_mutex (r26351)
        - Fix: Make sure link graph jobs can delete themselves after SLA_NULL
        [FS#5898] (r26347)
        - Fix: Call Layouter::ReduceLineCache from GenerateTownName in all cases
        to keep cache size in check [FS#5870] (r26346)
        - Fix: Rewrite SmallStack so that it does not use a pool and is
        re-entrant (r26343)
        - Fix: Reroute cargo when automatic distribution is switched off
        [FS#5902] (r26341)
        - Fix: Do not redraw the link graph overlay if it is empty [FS#5908]
        - Fix: Some inconsistencies regarding link graph (job) IDs (r26331)
        - Fix: The case of rerouting cargo from one VehicleCargoList to another
        - Fix: Take care of next_station when reassigning from MTA_DELIVER to
        MTA_TRANSFER [FS#5901] (r26327)
        - Fix: when autosaving the message about a save already happening could
        be shown, even though the code's intention was to not show it [FS#5871]
        - Fix: Check whether NewGRF change vehicle capacity when they are not
        supposed to, and truncate cargo appropriately if they are allowed to
        [FS#5897] (r26317)
        - Fix: The giant-screenshot confirmation window only triggered for
        ridiculously big screenshots, not for ludicrously big ones [FS#5899]
        1.4.0-beta4 (2014-02-06)
        - Change: [NewGRF] Make vehicle variable 61 return 'not available'
        instead of zero when using it in invalid callback contexts (r26294)
        - Feature: Display speed limit also for road bridges in the TileInfo
        window [FS#5849] (r26277)
        - Fix: [NoGo] Invalid DoCommand return callback for method returning bool
        - Fix: Correctly identify opposite ends of bridges and tunnels when
        converting rails [FS#5866, FS#5888] (r26291)
        - Fix: Prevent infinite recursion also in RefreshLinks [FS#5878] (r26283)
        - Fix: [NoAI] Some RemoveRail methods required to set a valid railtype,
        though it was not used anyway. Remove the need to set one [FS#5853]
        - Fix: Do not spawn link graph jobs for link graphs with only one node
        [FS#5874] (r26276)
        - Fix: [NewGRF] If NewGRF provided the same station name for different
        industry types, stations would end up with same name. So also consider
        the provided name, not only the industry type (r26275)
        1.4.0-beta3 (2014-01-21)
        - Feature: Several small performance improvements with the SSE blitters
        (r26260, r26259, r26256, r26255, r26254)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Add StringCodes 9A 1B, 9A 1C and 9A 1D to display
        amounts of cargo (r26244)
        - Fix: Do not run into infinite recursion when getting next stopping
        station [FS#5865] (r26267, r26263)
        - Fix: Update smallmap overlay if player joins different company and make
        sure company masks are valid [FS#5860] (r26266)
        - Fix: Do not rebuild the link graph overlay cache twice in a row
        - Fix: Custom currency was reset on game start (r26262)
        - Fix: Possible out of bounds reads with the SSE blitters [FS#5854,
        FS#5855] (r26247)
        - Fix: Do not over reserve after autorefit, but do reserve mail for
        aircraft (r26236)
        - Fix: Decimal and digit separators were swapped for Korean language
        1.4.0-beta2 (2014-01-07)
        - Feature: Blitter autoselection is now based on full animation state, so
        a non-animated specialised blitter will generally be chosen when
        animation is turned off (r26217)
        - Feature: Specialised animated SSE4 blitter, and non-animated SSE4.1,
        SSSE3 and SSE2 blitters, improving the blitting significantly in many
        situations (r26214, r26213, r26212, r26211)
        - Feature: Specialised SSE 4.1 sprite sorter, improving the sorting
        performance significantly (r26205)
        - Fix: Validate everything from ini, obg, obs, obs, ... files [FS#5829]
        - Fix: Allow refitting at station if cargo has already been reserved
        - Fix: Visual effects did not work for articulated RV parts (r26180)
        1.4.0-beta1 (2013-12-24)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Vehicle variable 4D for determining the position
        within an articulated vehicle (r26157)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Invalidate vehicle colour palette when leaving a
        station [FS#5669] (r26027)
        - Feature: [NoGo] New goal type that show a story page when clicked
        - Feature: Optional filter parameter to the 'content state' console
        command, to limit the content list to only content where the name match
        the filter (r26000)
        - Feature: When calling the 'content select' console command without
        args, display all selected content (r25999)
        - Feature: XDG base directory support [FS#5385] (r25975)
        - Feature: [Script] ScriptTown::GetFundBuildingsDuration (r25969)
        - Feature: [Script] ScriptTown::TOWN_GROWTH_NONE to indicate no town
        growth via ScriptTown::SetGrowthRate and GetGrowthRate (r25968)
        - Feature: [NoGo] GSTown::TOWN_GROWTH_NORMAL to reset a town growth rate
        set previously via GSTown::SetGrowthRate (r25967)
        - Feature: [NewGRF Debugging] Inspecting other vehicles in a chain
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Object property 0x18 to allow specifying the number
        of objects of that type being placed upon map creation (r25878)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Object property 0x10, bit 13 indicating that object
        amount scales with water content of map border (e.g. used for
        lighthouses) (r25874)
        - Feature: Highlight active goto item in order list dropdown [FS#5784]
        - Feature: [Admin] Send info on bankruptcy quarters also in
        - Feature: Increase maximum number of object instances on the map from
        64k to about 16M (r25844)
        - Feature: Increase the total number of object types from 256 to 64000
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Increase the object class limit from 32 to 255
        - Feature: Toggle button for wrapping lines in the textfile GUI [FS#5748]
        - Feature: [NoGo] Game Scripts can now charge fees and give money to
        companies (r25788)
        - Feature: [Script] Allow AIs and GS to found towns. Allow GS to rename
        towns (r25785)
        - Feature: Add keywords to the file (r25783)
        - Feature: Sticky and shade buttons for jukebox window [FS#5743] (r25776)
        - Feature: Additional layered main toolbar arrangements (r25772)
        - Feature: Allow implicit orders even if no explicit ones are given
        - Feature: [OSX] Pinch gesture support for zooming [FS#4760] (r25666)
        - Feature: Split unit localisation choice into a choice per type of unit,
        and move it to the advanced settings (r25508)
        - Feature: Have tractive effort in imperial (lbf) and metric (kgf) units,
        have weights and volumes in imperial units (short tons, gallons)
        [FS#5482] (r25508)
        - Feature: Differentiate between total waiting cargo count and available
        (not reserved) cargo count in the station list and sort based on the
        cargo count, not the cargo value (r25405)
        - Feature: Timetable spreading of vehicles by Ctrl+Click when setting a
        start date (r25377)
        - Feature: Allow opening a goal list and story window specific to a
        company (r25372, r25369)
        - Feature: Show cargo by next hops and final destinations in the station
        GUI (r25365)
        - Feature: Consider cargo waiting at other stations for rating at the
        origin station (r25362)
        - Feature: Distribute cargo according to plan given by linkgraph (r25361)
        - Feature: [NoGo] GUI for viewing story pages (r25344)
        - Feature: Add industry list to scenario editor's map menu (r25335)
        - Feature: [NoGo] Allow more concurrent goals in a game (r25299)
        - Feature: [NoGo] Goals can now have a progress text and/or be marked as
        completed (r25296)
        - Feature: Allow saving window sizes as default sizes (r25295)
        - Feature: Add another button to window title bars to resize the window
        to its default size (r25294)
        - Feature: Save stickyness of windows when Ctrl+Clicking the sticky
        button (r25292)
        - Feature: When opening the object-build window, restore the object
        build-window to the previous state (r25284)
        - Feature: Show the approximate monthly supply to a station of the
        different cargoes (r25272)
        - Feature: [Win32] Driver param for the DirectMusic driver to specify the
        output port to use [FS#5552] (r25269)
        - Feature: Linkgraph overlay over main viewport (r25264)
        - Feature: Linkgraph overlay for smallmap (r25262)
        - Feature: Display imminent closure of an industry in its view window
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Expose sprite base of foundation and shore sprites
        via Action D Game Variables (r25230)
        - Feature: [NewGRF] Variable 0x82 for canals and rivers (dike map)
        - Feature: [Script] ScriptStation::HasRating [FS#5514] (r25150)
        - Feature: Add sorting on rating for the town directory window [FS#5288]
        - Feature: Introduce dropdown for selecting the sort criterion in the
        town directory window (r25094)
        - Feature: Georgian Lari and Iranian Rial as currencies [FS#5212]
        - Feature: Collapse subtypes in the refit GUI and only expand them after
        selecting the cargo type (r25044)
        - Feature: Only display subtypes in the refit GUI which are available for
        all selected vehicles. Also add a generic list item to refit while
        keeping the subtypes of individual vehicles [FS#3764] (r25043)
        - Feature: Show the amount of cargo that has already been reserved by
        full loading vehicles in the station (r25013)
        - Change: [NewGRF] Reset the temporary storage registers for every sprite
        resolving (r26173)
        - Change: Improve layout of build-airport GUI [FS#5832] (r26165)
        - Change: Make it slightly more clear what ports are coming from where in
        the debug output when listening (r25997)
        - Change: Preselect the current replacement in the right-side list of the
        autoreplace GUI, instead of selecting the first resp. previous item
        [FS#5734] (r25919)
        - Change: Unify behaviour when clicking on different items in the goto
        dropdown list when giving orders (r25894)
        - Change: Do not offer subsidies for auto-distributed cargo [FS#5766]
        - Change: Allow to remove unowned objects unless they have the
        'unremovable' flag (r25879)
        - Change: In scenario editor allow to build all objects which were
        available at any point in the past to support building scenarios with
        historic items (r25875)
        - Change: Display the cost to upgrade a bridge at the end of bridge that
        was clicked and not the other end, which could be outside of the screen
        in some cases (r25854)
        - Change: [NewGRF] Lower the limit of airport tile types, house types,
        industry tile types and object types per NewGRF from 256 to 255 to
        prevent usage of ID 0xFF in Action3, and thus allowing it to become an
        extended byte somewhen (r25841, r25839, r25837, r25834)
        - Change: Clarify the relevance of the permissible palettes (r25792)
        - Change: [NewGRF] Invalidate vehicle recolour palette during (un)loading
        [FS#5669] (r25648)
        - Change: If an editbox is configured to be cleared with ESC, but the
        editbox is already empty, unselect the editbox instead (r25647)
        - Change: Make the bridge and object picker not restore their previous
        size, but the previously saved size (r25543)
        - Change: Right align the infrastructure statistics [FS#5595] (r25515)
        - Change: Clarify the meaning of the server advertisement settings
        - Fix: Unify the time a RV needs to travel through a curve [FS#5831]
        - Fix: Certain hotkeys crashed the content GUI when the list was empty
        [FS#5834] (r26167)
        - Fix: Backup data of altered persistent storage arrays was freed twice
        [FS#5830] (r26161)
        - Fix: [Script] Various API functions did not check whether
        ScriptRoad::SetCurrentRoadType was called appropriately [FS#5825]
        - Fix: [Script] API failed for vehicles with only implicit orders
        [FS#5824] (r26148)
        - Fix: Several fixes found by static code analysis (r26132,
        r26130-r26097, r26091-r26077, r26073-r26046)
        - Fix: Invalidate vehicle colour palette again when rearranging consist,
        reversing, etc (r26026)
        - Fix: [NoGo] Properly validate the range of the growth rate passed to
        GSTown::SetGrowthRate, instead of masking it to 16 bit (r25966)
        - Fix: [Admin] The frame of a command packet was not set for the packets
        that were sent via the admin interface (r25770)
        - Fix: [OSX] The new 10.7 fullscreen code can now also be compiled with
        older SDK versions [FS#4744] (r25657)
        - Fix: Under certain circumstances a track type change would make the
        end-of-line-is-red setting ineffective [FS#5216] (r25609)
        - Fix: Highlight the right entry in the sorting selector in station view
        window (r25426)
        - Fix: Suppress focusing editboxes which are not visible (r25413)
        - Fix: Add missing compatibility settings in afterload (r25390)
        - Fix: Allow changing GS settings in-game via the AI/GS config window
        [FS#5507] (r25104)
        - Fix: [NewGRF] Do not compare GRF local cargo subtype IDs from different
        GRFs (r25042)
        - Remove: Ordered refit with subtypes, since the cases where it worked
        were corner cases rather than the general case [FS#3764] (r25041)
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 8, 2014
  4. grfcodec: 6.0.4-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        - NFORenum specific changes:
          - Data file updates
            - Action 0, feature 0xF, property 0x18 (Object amount on map)
            - Action 2 train and road vehicle variable 4D
            - Action 2 object variable 60
            - Action 5, type 0x15 (OpenTTD GUI): Now 175 sprites are allowed
          - Support string codes 9A 16 to 9A 1D
          - Allow higher IDs for vehicles when GRF version >= 8
          - Fix some checks for sprite numbers >= 65536
        - Remove grfdiff and grfmerge due to being unmaintained
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 8, 2014
Commits on Apr 1, 2014
  1. mednafen:

      * New upstream version
        -PSX: Fixed a small MDEC emulation bug; fixes the hang during startup in
        "SimCity 2000".
        -The order of evaluation of the frame advance and run normal command
        keys/hotkeys is now based on whether or not we're currently in frame
        advance mode, to allow for the derivation of a single-press pause/unpause
        key(effected by the user mapping both functions to a single key).
        -Renamed the log2 LUT array in the mpcdec code to avoid shadowing the
        math library function log2().
        -NES: Fixed the problem of the VS Unisystem DIP switch position
        display(accessed via the "F6" key) being invisible.
        -PCE: Fixed broken MCGenjin support.
        -CDPLAY: Tweaked visualization code to reduce memory and CPU usage.
        -Lynx: Minor code cleanups.
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 1, 2014
  2. triplea:

      * New upstream version
        * Created new step property option, "repairPlayers", which will allow a
        player to repair the units owned by a different player. (veqryn)
        * Fixed issue where your move phase was skipped if the only unit you
        owned was a land unit in a transport. (veqryn)
        * Allowing land units to receive repairing and bonus movement from
        neighboring sea zone sea units. (veqryn)
        * Units on transports no longer are able to repair other units, allow
        scrambling, or give movement to other units. (veqryn)
        * Fixed issue where a unit that dies from rockets, still participates in
        subsequent strategic bombing battle. (veqryn)
        * Fixed issue with allied land units in friendly transports and allied
        air on friendly carriers losing their movement when their
        transport/carrier moved. (veqryn)
        * Fixing issue with allied land units starting game loaded on friendly
        transports, could not offload until at least one non-combat phase had
        passed. (veqryn)
        * Deleted global game option property, "Allied Air Dependents", and
        replaced with its inverse, "Allied Air Independent". (veqryn)
        * Added menu option under 'Export" menu, called "Export Unit Charts",
        which will create an html document showing all units in the game and
        their properties and cost. (veqryn)
        * Created an new menu option under the 'Help' menu called "Unit Help",
        which will display a table of all units, by player, including all unit
        properties. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug in relationship attachment property change by trigger.
        * Deleting phase step property option, "resetUnitState", and replacing
        with "resetUnitStateAtEnd" and "resetUnitStateAtStart". (frogg)
        * Making createsUnitsList ability choose a random territory when
        producing to a neighboring territory. (veqryn)
        * Fixing bugs in AI's where factories were on water zones that had no
        territory attachment. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug where a stalemate battle with carriers that can be damaged
        and when damaged don't let planes land, were not letting defending planes
        move to land. (veqryn)
        * Deleting game option property "Unescorted Transport Dies", as it no
        longer does anything. (veqryn)
        * Cleanup of HeadlessGameServer classes. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bugs in Placement, which were allowing infinite placement of sea
        units which were constructions. (veqryn)
        * Some updates for 'Great War' world war 1 map, and Pact of Steel 2.
        * Possible fix for "Could not stop delegate execution" bug. (veqryn)
        * Fixed possible bug where a corrupted game save had the initialization
        delegate get called more than once. (veqryn)
        * Adding a new AI called "Hard AI". Also renamed AI's: EZ Fodder -> Easy
        AI, Moore N Able -> Medium AI, Dynamix -> Land Only AI. (redrum)
        * Fix for infinite crash-reload loop on loading a corrupt autosave on a
        host bot. (veqryn)
        * Fixed issue with Victory trigger not being able to use html properly.
        * Fixed illegal state exception error in landing paratroopers during a
        battle. (veqryn)
        * Possibly final fix for a game hang / frozen bot on game launch.
    Christoph Korn committed Apr 1, 2014
Commits on Mar 31, 2014
  1. the-powder-toy: 89.2-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        Ctype is displayed as a number for elements which use it as a wavelength
        "no effect" tmp mode (tmp=6) works on CRAY
        Add vertical flip when pasting stamps (ctrl+shift+r)
        Tooltips on open/save simulation buttons change when ctrl is held
        Fix crash when pasting from empty clipboard
        Fix numpad behavior
        Fix sim.deleteStamp and sim.loadStamp
        Fix error logging in lua key events
        Fix sim.neighbors and sim.partNeighbors not working correctly in most
        Fix crash in sim.partKill, and bug sim.partID design
        Add sim.reloadSave() and tpt.selectedreplace and elem.element can read "Identifier" property
        Everything else in the previous two betas
        Better PROP tool, draws like any other tool and remembers last setting.
        The property selection window comes up as soon as you click it now.
        Fix crash when flood deleting VIRS
        Fix PHOT+HYGN reaction not taking place under some circumstances
        Reverted WIFI to previous delay amount
        Prevent black FILT
        Fix possible crash when modifying LIFE with the console
        Fix state transitions in id:1419883
        Insulators block ambient heat
        Improve "pretty powders", so that the deco doesn't interfere with state
        Fix Gravity wall areas not recalculating when deleting them
        Fix occasional missing pixels on the top / bottom of circle brush
        Fix holes in wall line drawing
        Signs can be moved onto the zoom window
        Fix crash when viewing corrupt saves
        Element search promotes exact matches first
        Fix comment box resizing bugs
        Pressing tab switches between textboxes in the deco editor
        Fix key repeat on Linux
        Fix lua crashes in the graphics and interface apis
        Bluescreen on lua panics instead of crashing
        Fixes to tpt.el.color and
        Add tpt.screenshot support for PPM and BMP
        Add lua functions to get / set clipboard text; Add sim.deleteStamp
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 31, 2014
Commits on Mar 26, 2014
  1. vbam:

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 26, 2014
Commits on Mar 22, 2014
  1. opensonic: 0.1.4-1~getdeb2

      * Rebuild for precise (LP: #1132413)
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 22, 2014
Commits on Mar 18, 2014
  1. popzi: 0.1-1~getdeb2

      * Remove debian/watch file.
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 18, 2014
Commits on Mar 16, 2014
  1. pyfa: 1.1.22-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 16, 2014
  2. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: selection in equipment window.
        fix: emotes in crazy moves.
        fix: enable download music by default.
        fix: configuration cleanup from old values.
        fix: disbale pet selection by mouse.
        fix: the mana world about page.
        add: ctrl+b for insert bold font.
        add: auto save configuration files.
        add: print server name in screenshots.
        add: about button.
        add: long mouse press action.
        add: right ctrl in ctrl actions.
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 16, 2014
Commits on Mar 10, 2014
  1. mednafen:

      * New upstream version
        March 8, 2014:
        Fixed compiler errors when compiling without the debugger.
        Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
        PSX: Made better use of exceptions in the loading and initialization code
        paths(and avoid leaking memory if a part of the
        process fails).
        PSX: Protect against sound buffer overflow without causing a call to
        abort() so that using save states(when they're added)
        or power toggling/resetting in the debugger while in step mode is safer.
        PSX: Output of debug messages to stdout and stderr is now controlled via
        the "psx.dbg_level" setting, whose default
        value of "0" disables almost all debug messages.  Set the setting to "3"
        to obtain roughly the same output as previous
        versions of Mednafen.
        March 1, 2014:
        Modified the simple interpolation pixel shader code to avoid using the
        GLSL 1.3 function "round()", for better compatibility
        with some OpenGL implementations.
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 10, 2014
Commits on Mar 7, 2014
  1. corsix-th: 0.30-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version (LP: #1284855)
        --- Gameplay ---
        * Change: You can now build more than one desk in the ward. More nurses
        means a slightly faster throughput.
        * Change: Patients would previously queue outside toilets even though
        there were free loos since it was dependent on number of people in the
        room. Now, as soon as a loo becomes free another patient enters the room
        to use it, even if there is a long queue for the sink).
        If there is a queue for the sinks there is a chance the patient will
        leave without washing their hands - but will not be happy about doing
        * Added: The ability to control alien behaviour - sitting, knocking
        doors, only to be available through emergency or arrive like all other
        * Added: Winning fax opens automatically and pauses the game.
        * Added: Option to automatically accept wage increase requests when they
        "time out".
        * Added: A new option allows for your average build content for each type
        of room to be remembered, so will be added for each new room built later.
        * Fix: Doctors should get stuck less often, and handymen should not crash
        the game as frequently.
        * Fix: It was not possible to replace a surgeon when a patient was in the
        * Fix: Patients would sometimes get stuck inside a room when they should
          have died.
        --- User Interface ---
        * Added: A new customization menu in the Options dialog. Most options
        from the configuration file are now available for change in-game.
        * Added: A new directory menu in the Options dialog.
        * Added: The game does now check for a more recent version of itself when
        * Added: A helpful message when the player puts more Researchers in the
          research department than there are desks.
        * Added: The game now does a small integrity check on the Theme Hospital
          files to make sure that the most common corruptions are not present.
        * Added: Confirm dialog to the quit/exit button on the main menu.
        * Fix: The tooltip for the tutorial button was incorrect since the dialog
          has been visually changed.
        * Fix: The announcer has had a few corrections made to his manuscripts.
          He is very happy about this!
        * Removed: The settings menu is no longer available from within the game.
        --- Hotkeys ---
        Some hotkeys have been changed and/or added:
        * Alt + A = Toggle Announcements
        * Alt + M = Toggle Music
        * Alt + S = Toggle Sound Effects
        * Shift and + to zoom in five steps and Shift and - to zoom out five
        steps at a time.
        --- Campaign levels ---
        * Fix: An error in level 8 made it possible to win without meeting the
          reputation criterion.
        --- Custom levels ---
        * Change: For random emergencies each illness now has its own average
        number of patients to spawn. Previously they were all the same.
        * Fix: Researching improvements was not really possible on some custom
        levels, i.e. if the map creator had made it so there were no machines at
        the start.
        --- Demo files ---
        * Fix: When winning the demo level CorsixTH looked for another level to
        load, showing the wrong fax options and eventually crashing.
        --- Languages ---
        * Added: Korean language.
        * Fix: It was not possible to dump strings for a language with unicode
          characters in the name.
        --- Compiling ---
        * Fix: You could not compile the game with WITH_AUDIO=0 if SDL_mixer was
          not present at all.
        * Fix: WITH_AUDIO=OFF is now illegal in combination with WITH_MOVIES=ON.
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 7, 2014
Commits on Mar 3, 2014
  1. triplea:

      * New upstream version
        * Adding new sci-fi sound for "future" era. (pulicat, cernel, veqryn)
        * Allowing "NONE" as a valid option value in file.
        * Fixed null pointer exception in Moore AI for water based factories.
        * Fixed bid delegate so that it will still run even if the player has no
        resources other than the bid amount. (veqryn)
        * Fixed possible null pointer exception in Triggered Victory which is
        triggered from outside of the end round delegate. (veqryn)
        * Making TransportTracker a static implementation to clean up the engine
        a little bit. (veqryn)
        * Fixing various bugs in Global 1940, ww2v3, v4, v5, and v6. (veqryn)
        * Created new Player Rule Attachment, "immuneToBlockade", which will
        prevent blockade production loss for that player. (veqryn)
        * Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (ariborne combat) to move to / attack
        territories that have been blitz or already conquered this turn. (veqryn)
        * Allowed 1940's paratroopers tech (airborne combat) to move from allied
        bases, and to allow travel over water. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for special move delegates, "airborneMove",
        which controls if it is an Airborne Combat move phase. (veqyrn)
        * Adding some more pre-industrial sounds. (pulicat)
        * Allowed muting of custom aa gun sounds and custom notification,
        victory, and defeat sounds. (veqryn)
        * Created resource image factory for making images and icons of
        resources. (veqryn)
        * Fixed user interface to allow purchasing resources. (veqryn)
        * Fixing engine to allow purchase rules for purchasing resources.
        * Fixed memory leak in repair rules for repairing factories. (veqryn)
        * Creating a menu option in the "File" menu called "Post PBEM/PBF
        Gamesave...", which will for pbem games post/email the savegame to the
        forum, without having to wait for the end turn phase. (veqryn)
        * Changing trigger "notification" to use "players". (veqryn)
        * Changing unit attachment property, "repairsUnits", to allow multiple
        and to have repair values associated with each unit, thereby allowing
        units to be repaired by X amount each turn. (veqryn)
        * Created new unitPlacement attribute, "unitDamage", which will let a
        unit start with bombing factory damage. (veqryn)
        * Created new unitPlacement attribute, "hitsTaken", which will let a unit
        start damaged. (veqryn)
        * Deleting game option property, "SBR Affects Unit Production", and
        simplifying the engine to only use direct unit damage. (veqryn)
        * Getting units with different bombing unit damage to not stack. (veqryn)
        * Allowing selection of casualties for multiple hit units to allow damage
        points past one. (veqryn)
        * Getting "hitPoints" to work in the graphical user interface. (veqryn)
        * Getting "hitPoints" to work on the back end inside the engine. (veqryn)
        * Created new unit attachment property, "hitPoints", which sets the
        number of hitpoints a unit has, and also deleted property "isTwoHit".
        * Allowing sounds to be played by trigger, by putting "_sounds" after a
        duplicate of the Notification message key, with the value equal to
        "notification_" or "victory_" or "defeat_" + the sound key found in the file. (veqryn)
        * Added logfile "dump" command for host bots, that will from the command
        line print out all status, connection, memory, and thread information to
        the log. (veqryn)
        * Created ability for lobby admins to mute and/or boot players in a host
        bot, remotely. (veqryn)
        * Created ability for lobby admins to see the player connections in any
        host game. (veqryn)
        * Created ability for lobby admins to see chatlog of a host bot remotely.
        * Adding a new autosave, 'autosave2', which will take turns being saved
        to with 'autosave'. (veqyrn)
        * Changing movement validation to disallow moving from a contested battle
        territory into an enemy territory. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug with a territory owned by one player but having enemy units
        in it, if the owned reconquers the territory it is no longer marked as
        newly-conquered. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug preventing sounds inside a zipped map from playing if the
        zipped map file path had any spaces or special characters in it. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug preventing phase sounds from playing more than once in a
        non-pbem game. (veqryn)
        * Creating an option to select local players and AI's for PBEM games.
        AI's will not post/email the turn summary and savegame at the ends of
        their turns however. (veqryn)
        * Fixing bug with host bots where disabling players, quitting, then
        reloading and disabling even more players, resulted in game crash.
        * Disallowing previously disabled players from being re-enabled after a
        game has started. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug with moderator lobby unbanning utility. (veqryn)
        * Created ability for lobby admins to ban players inside a host bot,
        remotely. (veqryn)
        * Created ability for lobby admins to stop game on a host bot remotely.
        * Created ability for lobby admins to shut down a host bot remotely.
        * Created new option for host bots, "",
        which when set will allow remote actions on the host bot from the lobby
        admins. (veqryn)
        * Created new option for host bots, "",
        which will set the time between lobby reconnection refreshes, with the
        minimum and default being 6 hours. (veqryn)
        * Created new game option property, "Disabled Players Assets Deleted",
        which will delete all units and resources from a disabled unused player
        during game startup. (veqryn)
        * Allowing clients to disable and enable players for host bots, but not
        normal hosts. (veqryn)
        * Forcing random start to not allow disabled players to select
        territories, and also letting savegames keep disabled state, and disabled
        players switched to an AI. (veqryn)
        * Creating new playerlist option for players, "canBeDisabled", which if
        set to true will force the game to delete all delegates for that player,
        thereby allowing more customized multiplayer games. (veqryn)
        * Forcing hosts and hosting bots to always use Secure Random source when
        playing online, even when the host is not playing. (veqryn)
        * Updating TripleA to require at least Java 6 or greater. (veqryn)
        * Updating included jar libraries to latest versions. (veqryn)
        * Updating embedded JRE to Java 7 update 51 for x86. (veqryn)
        * Updated Substance UI to version 7.2.1, and included approximately 14
        new Look and Feel skins. (veqryn)
        * Created a menu option called "User Notifications..." which lets you
        turn off notifications you would receive from End Turn Reports, Triggered
        Notifications, Chance rolls that are successful or failed. (veqryn)
        * Fixing Comment Log so that it updates in real time. (veqryn)
        * Changed automated hosting bots so that they show up as having 1 less
        player (ie: the bot itself doesn't count), which means zero players if
        noone else has joined. (veqryn)
        * Changed unit resource creation so that positive resources will be
        created before negative resources. (veqryn)
        * Fixing bug in destroyedTUV condition for allRounds that prevented it
        from working at all. (veqryn)
        * Added an updated engine jar for so that the new engine can play
        old 1.7.0.x savegames. (veqryn)
        * Changed game setup screen so that the buttons for "Choose Game", "Load
        Saved Game", and "Game Options", will no longer be greyed out for Clients
        who have connected to an automated hosting bot. Those buttons will
        perform the same as if the client used the "Network" menu instead.
        * Adding a menu option to change an automated hosting bot's game options,
        and creating backend to process this request. (veqryn)
        * Forcing automated hosting bots have have a "support email address", so
        that when a bot has hung or stopped responding, a moderator in the lobby
        can email the bot's owner to notify them of the situation. (veqryn)
        * Forcing automated hosting bots to have no password, to start with the
        string "Bot", and have "automated_host" somewhere in comments. (veqryn)
        * Adding a column to the lobby called "B" for "Bots", which will show
        which hosts are automated hosting bots. They will also show up as
        italics. (veqryn)
        * Fixed order of firing in ww2v3 and Global 1940, so that defending subs
        that are not sneak attacking will fire after all attackers have fired.
        * Fixing a bug where attacking with a carrier loaded with allied
        fighters, then retreating, would prevent those fighters from being able
        to participate in battles for the rest of the game. (veqryn)
        * Allowed TripleA clip player to access sound files within a zipped map.
        * Fixed bug that allowed fighters to be moved greater than their allowed
        movement if paired with a carrier. (veqryn)
        * Adding scroll bars to placement window. (veqryn)
        * Fixed another bug in getMaxUnitsToBePlaced, it will no longer stop the
        game if it frees up enough capacity to place but not equal to theoretical
        maximum. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug where a strategic bombing unit receiving negative support
        and/or negative terrain modifier would be unable to bomb is its attack
        power decreased to zero. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for move delegates, "combinedTurns", which
        changes some validation for intermeshed player phases, such as allowing
        air to live if the ally could place a carrier under them. (veqyrn)
        * Created new step properties for purchase and place delegates, "bid",
        which controls if it is a bid phase. (veqyrn)
        * Created new step properties for move and end turn delegates,
        "repairUnits", which controls when units get repaired. (veqyrn)
        * Created new step properties for move and place delegates,
        "removeAirThatCanNotLand", which controls when air that can not land gets
        killed. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for move delegates, "resetUnitState", which
        controls when units get their movement and other stats reset. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for move delegates, "giveBonusMovement",
        which controls when bonus movement is given. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for move delegates, "fireRockets", which
        controls when rockets fire. (veqryn)
        * Created new step properties for move delegates, "combatMove" and
        "nonCombatMove", which control movement validation. (veqryn)
        * Prevented AA type units from firing on both start and end of movement,
        when option "Force AA Attacks For Last Step Of Fly Over" is turned on.
        * Created new game property option "Abandoned Territories May Be Taken
        Over Immediately", which allows an abandoned territory to be taken over
        on the turn it was abandoned, rather than waiting for it to be attacked.
        * Created new game property option "Sea Battles May Be Ignored", which
        allows attackers to not create a battle in a contested sea zone. (frogg)
        * Created new game property option "Contested Territories Produce No
        Income", which will stop all production in territories that contain enemy
        units. (frogg)
        * Created new game property option "Retreating Units Remain In Place",
        which will allow retreats to only the same territory as the battle.
        (frogg & veqryn)
        * Allowed forum poster to maintain "notify me"
        settings. (Bruce Nielsen)
        * Changed trigger property "when" so that it can be set multiple times,
        allowing a trigger to fire multiple times per round. (frogg)
        * Changed game property option "Battle Rounds" to "Land Battle Rounds".
        * Added game property option "Sea Battle Rounds". (frogg)
        * Possible fix for host game hang, when host is launching and another
        player leaves or joins at start of launch. (veqryn)
        * Possible fix for game hang / game freeze during hosting, client start
        step should now wait for delegate bridge to finish updating. (veqryn)
        * Possible workaround for game hang / game freeze during hosting, if
        error occurs game should now drop back to waiting screen instead of just
        hanging or ghosting. (veqryn)
        * Adding much more logging to HeadlessServerGame in order to try to find
        cause of the CastClassExceptions in TripleAPlayer.start() and
        NullPointer/IllegalArgumentExceptions in RemoteName. (veqryn)
        * Fixed null pointer error in battle calculator when spamming the cancel
        button. (veqryn)
        * Rebalancing Great War world war 1 game. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug where chanceIncrementOnFailure and chanceDecrementOnSuccess
        were not allowing any number of zero or less for chance. (veqryn)
        * Fixed error where games with a round offset where doubling what round
        the game started on each time it was saved via the history panel.
        * Creating a headless chat service, so that server can be created in a
        headless environment and still chat. (veqryn)
        * Fixed bug causing fatal errors in client-server games when client owned
        very last step/delegate of game (only applied to some grid based games).
        * Adding a log file for the headless server located at
        /log/headless-game-server-<servername>-log<#>.txt, to keep track of
        events. (veqryn)
        * Adding many more additional commands to headless game server console,
        including show connections, ban player, save game, and stop game.
        * Stopped headless game server from being able to load any savegame for a
        map to which it does not have the required map files for. (veqryn)
        * Possible fix another possible hang/freeze point causing a Could Not
        Block Delegate Execution error. (veqryn)
        * Fixed headless game server's connect to lobby so that resetting the
        connection does not erase info about the game. (veqryn)
        * Possible fixes two possible hang/freeze points in Server Game, one
        caused by a bogus ClassCastException in ClientGame, the other by a bogus
        NullPointerError/IllegalArgumentError in RemoteName from
        PlayerDelegateBridge. (veqryn)
        * Making sure sound system never loads sound clips for headless game
        server. (veqryn)
        * Added a console to automated headless game server host, which allows
        commands such as 'help', 'status', 'memory', 'threads', and 'quit'.
        * Created a headless UIContext for use with headless game server, so that
        it may run on a linux platform that has no configured graphics
        environment. (veqryn)
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 3, 2014
Commits on Mar 1, 2014
  1. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: crazy moves.
        add: missing help translations.
        add: allow load branding info from portable.xml.
        add: dehardcode weapons id for auto switching weapons.
        add: remove all depericated manaserv code.
        add: remove support for external guichan.
    Christoph Korn committed Mar 1, 2014
Commits on Feb 19, 2014
  1. simgear: 3.0.0-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 19, 2014
  2. flightgear: 3.0.0-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 19, 2014
  3. fgfs-base: 3.0.0-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 19, 2014
Commits on Feb 18, 2014
  1. pyfa: 1.1.21-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 18, 2014
Commits on Feb 17, 2014
  1. openra: 20131223-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version (LP: #1277862)
        All mods:
        Fixed dead units sometimes exploding or leaving husks when they weren't
        in the world.
        Added hover and disabled button states [RA / D2K / TS]
        Added double click start support to the replay browser.
        Fixed low projectiles not colliding with walls.
        Fixed double-click selection priority glitches.
        Improved UI decorations (selection boxes, target lines, etc) in pixel
        double mode.
        Added additional stand animations to infantry [RA / TD]
        Added the ability to double click select maps and music.
        Fixed base attack notification playing when allied engineers repaired
        your buildings.
        Improved the ingame chat interface and input, with it defaulting to Team
        Redesigned the settings panel.
        Re-added move flashes.
        Added a setting to always display unit status bars (can also be toggled
        by hotkey).
        Added a setting for team health bar colors.
        Added a new hotkey to select all units on screen (default: CTRL + A).
        Added a new hotkey to jump to production buildings (default: TAB).
        Changed default hotkey (PageUp/Down) for build palette cycling and made
        reverse user configurable.
        Improved shroud/fog rendering.
        Asset Browser:
        Fixed crashes when trying to load invalid filenames or sprites with just
        1 frame.
        Added support for all sprite types.
        Added palette chooser and colorpicker dropdown boxes.
        Overhauled layout.
        Red Alert:
        Added MAD Tank.
        Fixed a crash in Monster Tank Madness.
        Fixed medics sometimes healing enemies.
        Reduced Giant Ant selection box size.
        Fixed paradrop description.
        Various balance adjustments:
        Uparmored Mobile Radar Jammer to heavy.
        Uparmored Mobile Gap Generator to heavy, increased its shroud generation
        range from 4 to 6, and reduced its price from $1500 to $1200.
        Reduced Gap Generator price from $1000 to $800.
        Made Construction Yard sellable again.
        Reduced MCV build time from 1 minute to 32 seconds.
        No-base MCV crate chance reduced from ~100% to ~70%.
        Introduced a maximum build radius of 16 cells from the nearest friendly
        Construction Yard.
        Increased movement speeds of Rocket Soldier, Flamethrower, and Tesla
        Trooper from 3 to 4.
        Reduced Tesla Trooper price from $500 to $400.
        Increased Artillery price from $600 to $800, and increased its health
        from 75 to 100.
        Increased V2 Rocket price from $700 to $900, reduced its movement speed
        from 7 to 6, increased its health from 150 to 200, reduced its warhead
        damage against primary base structures, and increased its rate of fire.
        Increased Hind damage from 20 to 30, and introduced a small additional
        damage bonus against infantry.
        Increased Longbow health from 120 to 150, increased its missile damage
        against ground targets from 40 to 60, increased its missile rate of turn
        from 5 to 10, and introduced a slight delay between missile launches.
        Increased Grenadier projectile speed.
        Reduced Medic price from $300 to $200.
        Reduced Mechanic price from $800 to $500.
        Added a 20% chance to eject a driver from destroyed vehicles.
        Added production speed-ups for additional production buildings of the
        same type. Up to 50% faster production can be achieved with 7 production
        Decreased the Oil Derrick cash rate from every 10 seconds to every 15
        Overhauled the Atom Bomb's damage model and introduced damage falloff
        over a wide radius.
        Reduced strategic victory timer to 3 minutes.
        Increased the size of the starting islands.
        Adjusted button highlight color to dark wine red.
        Fixed ant hills using the wrong tile ID.
        Adjusted Zombie build palette position.
        Fixed attack dogs causing crashes by attacking non-infantry.
        Disabled cloak/uncloak sound for camouflaged Pillbox.
        Added two Lua-powered single player missions, ported from Red Alert's
        single player campaign.
        Fixed aircraft falling down not revealing shroud.
        Fixed floating crate artwork.
        Tiberian Dawn:
        C&C mod renamed to Tiberian Dawn to resolve naming ambiguities.
        Fixed Bio Lab wrongly belonging to a hostile faction in East vs West 3.
        Added building repair ability to the engineer.
        Adjusted MLRS to fire a barrage of 8 rockets instead for improved
        visuals, and adjusted its rocket explosion sound.
        Added a grenade toss sound.
        Added missile contrails.
        Added Haos Ridges, converted from RA.
        Fixed player spawns in Deterring Democracy.
        Added 2 additional A-10s and cannon strafing to the Airstrike support
        Added contrails to the C-17 Globemaster.
        Added cash tick sounds.
        Disabled the main menu target reticle showing when a window is open.
        Added a display of the faction logos when the shellmap is disabled.
        Viceroids now heal on and move faster on Tiberium.
        Implemented the original shroud artwork.
        Fixed helicopters falling down not revealing shroud.
        Fixed effect (explosions, etc) saturation when the ingame menu is
        Added shadow to crate artwork.
        Dune 2000:
        Added buildable concrete walls.
        Fixed some cliffs being passable.
        Fixed infantry sometimes using the wrong animation when standing.
        Fixed A* debug overlay.
        Fixed R8 offsets for sprites with embedded palettes.
        Implemented proper spice rendering.
        Implemented the original shroud artwork.
        Replays are now saved in per-mod and per-version folders.
        Added password protection support for servers.
        Added language translation support.
        Added game ID and version information to exception and sync reports.
        Map folders are now explicitly specified in mod.yaml.
        Most UI widgets are now customizable in terms of font type, color,
        contrast and had their global defaults moved from code to metrics.yaml.
        Replaced the OS X binary launcher with a script to use a new SDL2
        Improved cash tick sound playback.
        Added modifier support to hotkeys.
        Fixed a desync related to projectile contrails.
        Fixed corrupted replays (which would immediately desync).
        Removed runtime mod merging.
        Added support for map scripting with Lua.
        Overhauled sprite loading code.
        Improved error message when loading corrupted sprites.
        Rewritten shp(ts) parser makes more efficient use of texture space.
        Added support for the dune 2 shp and pak formats.
        Map format 6 requires the RequiresMod to be defined.
        Added a multiplicitive blend mode.
        Build system and packages:
        Added GeoIP to Makefile so it is installed properly.
        Added desktop shortcut creation support to the Makefile and Windows
        COPYING and CHANGELOG are now shipped on all platforms.
        Fixed 'make docs' crashing when the game assets are not installed.
        Renamed Game.Mods launch argument to Game.Mod.
        Linux packages now install to /usr/lib/openra for consistency with other
        Mono applications.
        Added an optional map.yaml check to the OpenRA.Lint.exe command line
        Map Editor:
        Fixed custom assets being removed when saving an oramap.
        Mod / Custom map compatibility:
        Mods can now include traits from TD and D2K in RA.
        Mods can now customize UI text settings like font type/color/contrast for
        most widgets and set global defaults in metrics.yaml.
        New sections MapFolders and Translations added to mod.yaml.
        Mods must now explicitly specify the mods that they can inherit maps from
        by defining `SupportsMapsFrom: parent_mod' in mod.yaml.
        Renamed CarpetBomb trait to AttackBomber, and additional functionality
        added. An Armament trait is now required to specify the weapons.
        Renamed Capture trait to ExternalCapture.
        Renamed CapturableBar trait to ExternalCapturableBar.
        Renamed LegacyCapture trait to Capture.
        Renamed DebugMuzzlePositions trait to CombatDebugOverlay.
        Renamed DebugOverlay trait to PathfinderDebugOverlay.
        Added Sequence and GroundSequence properties to WithRotor.
        Added StandAnimations property to RenderInfantry and RenderInfantryProne.
        Added SplitFacings property to WithMuzzleFlash trait.
        Added SquadSize and QuantizedFacings properties to AirstrikePower trait.
        Added EjectInAir and EjectOnGround properties to EjectOnDeath trait.
        Added new traits to world: ScreenMap, ActorMap.
        Removed traits from World: SpatialBins.
        Added InvalidTargets property to weapons.
        Added modifier support for build palette hotkeys.
        The Requires: option for inheriting from a parent mod has been removed.
        Mods can directly reference the parent mod files instead.
        Icons definitions have moved from the unit's rules to its sequence.
        Mouse cursors (cursors.yaml) must now specify their file extension.
        OpenRA.Utility --png will now generate a set of frames for any sprite
        type [shp(td)/shp(ts)/shp(d2)/r8/tmp(td)/tmp(ra)].
        OpenRA.Utility --shp now requires a list of frames to be combined into a
        Removed Utility --tmp-png, --r8, --fromd2 commands (use --png instead).
        Removed Asset Browser file extraction / conversion (use the Utility
        Added OpenRA.Utility --map-preview for generating minimap previews.
        Added OpenRA.Utility --map-upgrade for updating maps from format 5 to
        format 6.
        The map format has been changed. All user-installed maps will be upgraded
        on the first mod launch, or using OpenRA.Utility --map-upgrade.
        Unified sprite loading allows any sprite type to be used anywhere: shp
        can now be used for terrain, and tmp for units.
        Harvestable resource definitions (ResourceTypes) have changed, and now
        specify their artwork using sequences.
        Shroud definitions (ShroudRenderer / ShroudPalette) have changed, and now
        specifies its artwork using sequences.
        Crater and smudge definitions (SmudgeLayer) have changed, and now specify
        their artwork using sequences.
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 17, 2014
Commits on Feb 16, 2014
  1. hedgewars:

      * New upstream version (LP: #1280796)
        + New campaign, A Space Adventure!
        + Password protected rooms
        + Shapes on drawn maps (ellipses, rectangles)  - constrain dimensions
        with ctrl, as with straight line tool.
        + New rubber utility, lfBouncy mask (green) for maps.  lfBouncy is also
        + Lazy loading of many aspects of frontend to improve startup time under
        + Set hog/team/health label defaults in config, toggle team health
        display using delete (left shift + delete for labels now)
        + Usernames next to teams when playing online.
        + Can now filter rooms by game style (such as Highlander). Filtering
        simplified since it is mostly unused.
        + AFK mode.  Press p when not your turn online to trigger autoskip of
        your turn.
        + Russian localisation of Default voice.
        + Map edges can wrap or bounce.  Also a silly "connect to the sea" mode
        + Sticky fire kicks you a bit less, fire interacts with frozen land/ice
        + Generated map stays same if the template is the same between groups
        (all/large for example)
        + Visual enhancements for whip and crosshair
        + Option to draw maps with a "shoppa" border - used by ShoppaMap lua at
        + New hats
        + Translation updates
        + New lua script to control gravity.  May have unpredictable effects.
        Try zero g shoppa.  Changes to allow lua to spawn poison clouds without
        interrupting turn.
        + Speech bubbles are now echoed to chat for logging purposes with the
        hog's name.
        * You should now thaw on your turn, not enemy's. AI frozen/unfrozen crate
        movement fix. Blowtorch can thaw frozen hogs.
        * Prevent target crosshair moving around unpredictably when doing
        multiple airstrikes
        * Rope should kick along surfaces more reliably, fix rope aim speed if
        you miss a shot, firing rope does not freeze timer, fix aiming on last
        * Remember bounce/timer in reset wep modes like Highlander
        * Increase precision in damage calcs; extra damage affects fire properly
        * Fixed video recording resolution
        * Fixed context menu/cursor in text areas
        * Many bugfixes. Keypad enter in chat, hog sliding freezing game, team
        name flaws in Windows, localisation of tips, crasher in slots with no
        weapons, frontend holiday css.
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 16, 2014
  2. magicassistant:

      * New upstream version (LP: #1280744)
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 16, 2014
  3. stendhal: 1.13-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        - Nice zone names
        - Dragon slayer achievement
        - Xeno helmet added to NPC purchasing shops
        - Improvements to maps, most notable a makeover in hell
        - Rats are so hungry that they are not scared by weak people anymore
        - Fixed webstart on Oracle Java (for Windows users)
        - Postman messages are now filtered by the ignore list
        - Fixed item description for canned tuna (item name underlining)
        - Fixed a karma exploit on accepting accpeted quests (1.12.1)
        - Fixed PVP defense against weaker players (1.12.1)
        - Removed myopenid as it is going to be discontinued
        - If you developed a game based on stendhal and use the automatic
          updater, you will need to edit and add
          UPDATE_SIGNER_KEY. The required value will printed in the webstart
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 16, 2014
Commits on Feb 15, 2014
  1. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: friends tab update in social window.
        fix: windows resizing for smaller screen size.
        fix: displaying scale value.
        fix: autocomplete commands in party and guild tabs.
        fix: guild and party tab help.
        fix: dyecmd with non standard 32 bit images.
        add: actions for next/prev tab in shortcuts window.
        add: actions for next/prev tab in commands window.
        add: action for open trade window.
        add: start attributes for abmient layers.
        add: all emotes in crazy moves a.
        add: crazy moves command for pet emotes.
        add: diagonal directions for crazy moves.
        add: select unselectable npc if mod key pressed.
        add: map layer replacment (for mods).
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 15, 2014
Commits on Feb 11, 2014
  1. nazghul: 0.7.1-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
        - GIT version (git clone git:// nazghul-git)
          as of 2014/02/09 - YYYY-MM-DD
        - Fixed c++ compile warnings (g++ (GCC) 4.4.4 20100630 (Red Hat 4.4.4-10))
        - Fixed missing libpng DLL in win32 release
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 11, 2014
Commits on Feb 9, 2014
  1. freeciv: 2.4.2-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 9, 2014
Commits on Feb 1, 2014
  1. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: pet talk in trade tab is disabled.
        fix: screenshot directory editing.
        fix: paths into tools in OpenBSD and FreeBSD.
        add: show emote id in emotes.
        add: attack action to pets.
        add: /dumpmods command.
        add: commands for upload config and log into pastebin.
        add: screen scale in OpenGL modes.
    Christoph Korn committed Feb 1, 2014
Commits on Jan 31, 2014
  1. pyfa: 1.1.20-1~getdeb1

      * New upstream version
    Christoph Korn committed Jan 31, 2014
Commits on Jan 28, 2014
  1. tong: 1.2-1~getdeb1

      * Initial release (LP: #1273237)
    Christoph Korn committed Jan 28, 2014
Commits on Jan 26, 2014
  1. urbanterror: 4.2.018-1~getdeb1

        New g_gear restriction code. It now uses weapon/item letters so you can
        disable whatever weapon or item you want.
        Changed the medic badges back to the caduceus.
        Solved FPS drops introduced in 016/017 client.
        Fixed the issues with auth_owners.
        Fixed the "auth string output overrun" issue.
        Solved 'callvote map' problem where results can be unpredictable.
        Fixed client number in callvote server log entry.
        Fixed callvote kick bug.
        More checks for pure servers.
    Christoph Korn committed Jan 26, 2014
Commits on Jan 23, 2014
  1. manaplus:

      * New upstream version
        fix: npc font option.
        fix: job bar showing in new installs.
        fix: input actions before logging to game.
        fix: icon under windows.
        fix: block moving keys in buy/sell dialogs.
        fix: logging in threads.
        fix: reload background image if connecting to different servers.
        fix: rainbow colors with utf8 chars and smiles.
        fix: crash with external guichan in chat.
        add: chinese locale and font support.
        add: most client data configs splits/patching by other configs.
        add: mods support.
        add: in input fields for ctrl+left, ctrl+right.
        add: update dejavu fonts.
        add: multiply pets for one owner at same time.
        add: autoclose npc dialog by moving keys if it almost closed.
        add: show date time and server name in screenshot file names.
        add: create screenshots before connecting to game.
        add: allow edit screenshot path (not in windows).
        add: change screenshot default path to pictures directory.
    Christoph Korn committed Jan 23, 2014