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== rweather

Ruby gem to access Weather Channel ( XML API.

This gems lets you access to the search and get current conditions features. Forecast it's not implemented yet.

In order to use the API you will need first to get your partner_id and licence key from at this address:

Sign up, enter all your data and you'll get an email with the partner_id, licence key and a link to download the SDK info.
If you need to read the license agreement and the API doc you can do it here:

== Example

  require 'rubygems'
  require 'r_weather'

  RWeather.partner_id = "xxxxxxxxxx"
  RWeather.key = "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

  locations ='tucuman') # that's where I'm from :)
  unless locations.empty?
    locations.each_with_index do |location, i|
      puts "#{i}) #{} - #{}"
    cc = RWeather.current_conditions(
    puts "Current conditions: "
    puts "  Temperature: #{cc.tmp}"
    puts "  Feels like:  #{cc.flik}"
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