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CKEditor Accessibility Checker


This repository contains the development version of the Accessibility Checker Plugin for CKEditor.


  • CKEditor 4.3.0 or later.
  • jQuery 1.x or later in order to run Quail.

Browser Support

Accessibility Checker has the same browser compatibility as CKEditor, with the following exceptions:

  • Internet Explorer 8 is not supported.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Quirks Mode is not supported.


Development Version

If you are not interested in developing core Accessibility Checker features, feel free to skip this section.

# Assuming that $CKEDITOR_DEV_PATH is your CKEditor path.
git clone a11ychecker

Checkout the Balloon Plugin

git clone balloonpanel


Building CSS

You will also need to build the CSS, since we use LESS.

npm install
grunt build-css

Pro tip: You can also use grunt watch:less.


Note that developer version requires RequireJS, so make sure you have it loaded.

Distribution Version

For more information about the distribution version see the file.

Building a Distribution Version

You can build a distribution package using Grunt.

Main changes in the distribution version:

  • It does not use RequireJS, so all classes are inlined.
  • It contains the CKEDITOR.plugins.a11ychecker.rev property with a revision hash.
  • Quick-fixes are minified.
  • It will automatically create a zip archive so that you can share it without publishing the code in a public repository.

To build Accessibility Checker go to the a11ychecker plugin directory and execute the following commands:

npm install
grunt build

Build files are put in the build directory of the a11ychecker plugin directory.

Building a Full Distribution

Since Accessibility Checker actually has a few dependencies, you might want to include all the dependent plugins just to make the installation process easier.

A build-full feature is available for this purpose. It will include dependent plugins in the build directory and create a zip archive.

npm install
grunt build-full

Another person might now simply get the zip, extract it to the ckeditor/plugins directory and everything is ready to go.

Including a Different Quail Configuration

You might want to change the default Quail guidelines configuration. Doing so might have some benefits. For example, the users of your Accessibility Checker distribution will not need to edit the config.js on their own after your releases. You can do that by adding an extra --quail-config="foo.json" CLI parameter to the build command. It should point to a JSON file that contains an array of strings. For example:


Then you might include it in the build with:

grunt build-full --quail-config="_local/custom.json"

Including a Different Quail Build

You can actually use a totally different custom Quail build. To do that, provide a path to your custom Quail build using the --quail option.

For example:

bash grunt build-full --quail=/libs/js/customQuailBuild`

Where Do I Start?

Run Bender as described in Unit Testing and open the manual test.

Unit Testing

Accessibility Checker comes with custom bender.js configuration, because it requires some custom Bender plugins that CKEditor does not need. You should use the -c CLI parameter to point to the custom configuration file.

bender server run -H -c plugins/a11ychecker/bender.js

Both unit tests and integration tests are placed in the tests directory.


Copyright (c) 2014-2017, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.
Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL").

See for more information.