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Python Test Suite

A test suite built on YAML


Previously I have been using a bash script put together as an assignment for CS 246, however that has left me with a few annoyances. This is meant to solve those problems:

  • having one file instead of 3 files for each test, multiplied by however many test cases I have
  • being more resistant to breakage (something about me and shell scripting does not mix)
  • more easily extensible (in the future)

In addition, I figured it would be a good learning experience for building command-line programs using Python.

Getting started

You'll need the PyYAML module installed, and then simply add the script to your path to use it wherever.

If you have python3.5 and virtualenv installed, you can test it locally instead. All you have to do is run: make setup to set up a virtualenvironment and then

make demo


$ -vvvv
Testing: ['./'] ===========================================================
Test failed: Failing test
In: 1
Expected: 0
Out: 1
4 tests run, with 3 successful and 1 failing


program: [./]
- name: "Two plus two"
in: "2 2"
out: "4"

- name: "Multiplication"
in: "2 3"
args: "-m"
out: "6"

- name: "Failing test"
in: "1"
out: "0"

- name: "Multiline test"
in: |+
out: "6"


program: [<list of arguments>]
pipe_to: [<program to pull output from>]
file_in: <optional file to feed into stdin before each test>
name: <human readable name>
tags: [<list of tags to run using>]
  - name: "Human readable name"
    in: "input to program"
    args: [<optional>]
    out: "expected output from program"
    stderr: "<optional>"

Up next

  • Clean up code a little
    • make main script fairly clean
    • refactor to remove directory arg from (?)
    • look into ways to abstract endless try ... except and if ... else
    • refactor from into proper files
    • fix test setup for vars with multiple names (in/stdin, out/stdout)
  • Arbitrary piping (e.g. a -> b -> ... -> y -> z)
    • combine "program" and "pipe_to" into one list of commands
  • Add colour to the logging
  • Fix up logging levels
  • add special case for printing empty output
  • fix up distribution method / packaging
  • clean up
  • make update checklist (e.g. update README, update docs, etc.)