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NYC ConEd outages
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Visit for a detailed overview of the application.

Use the sandy rubygem to include ConEd and LIPA feeds in your own projects.

I've been interested in power outage data for a while. I created the @Stormpocalypse twitter account, which has been posting power outage updates for the past 6 or so months. When Sandy arrived, the Twitter feed for @Stormpocalypse became overwhelming and incomprehensibile:

@ckundo is @stormpocalypse really right? I’ve only seen the numbers go up, never down. — Greg Borenstein (@atduskgreg) October 31, 2012

@stormpocalypse Are # of people out of power going up or down? Hard to tell / can't remember #s from Monday. :( @yonkersoem40 — The Symposium (@TheSymposiumNY) October 31, 2012

This is how I decided to build It is a timeline of power outages in the Greater New York area, updated every 15 minutes. I've made the source code public. I've also created the sandy rubygem that encapsulates the feed logic into an easy to use library.

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