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USFOS text editor plugins for TextPad, TextMate and SublimeText
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Text editor plugins for USFOS finite element structural analysis software

Files in this repository

For TextPad

  • usfos.syn: Syntax highlighter for TextPad USFOS input (.fem) files.
  • usfos.tcl: TextPad clip library for USFOS users, which features a full list of USFOS commands that can be inserted (by double-clicking on the command to insert from the Clip library sidebar).

For TextMate and Sublime Text

  • USFOS.tmLanguage: USFOS Language (Syntax) highlighter.
  • USFOS.tmTheme: This theme is custom designed to recognize USFOS.tmLanguage and group related commands by color.

Work in progress

  • USFOS.tmbundle: A complete bundle of language, and snippets.


Plugins for TextPad

  • Copy both files (usfos.syn and usfos.tcl) to Samples folder. For example, in Textpad 6.x, it is typically located here: C:\Program Files\Textpad 6\Samples.

  • Launch Textpad application and pull down the clip library sidebar to see USFOS control parameters option in the menu.

  • For enabling syntax highlighting in the editor, please follow these steps:

  • In the top menu, navigate to Configure → New Document Class...

  • In the field, Document class name enter: USFOS.

  • Under class members, enter: *.fem.

  • Put a check on "Enable syntax highlighting", and select usfos.syn from the pulldown menu, click Next and Finish.

  • Close and restart Textpad application.

  • To use the "USFOS control parameters" clip libary, double-click on any entry in sidebar, and see it appear in the editor along with other control associated parameters.

Plugins for TextMate and Sublime Text

  • Double-click USFOS.tmLanguage, USFOS.tmTheme to install USFOS language support (syntax) and corresponding theme in TextMate.
  • For installing in Sublime Text, please see the documentation.


All plugins in this repository are under MIT license.

Things to note:

  • Syntax files do not modify your input files in any way.
  • Clip library aids in entering correct control commands in the USFOS input file.