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<title>Test Runs - CL Test Grid Report</title>
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<h1>Test Runs - <a href="">CL Test Grid</a> Report</h1>
<div class="legend">
<p>Library test statuses:
<li><span class="test-status timeout-status">T</span> stands for Timeout. The test suite had probably hang.</li>
<li><span class="test-status crash-status">C</span> stands for Crash. The lisp process running the test suite terminated without returning test status.</li>
<li><span class="test-status fail-status">F</span> stands for FAIL</li>
<li><span class="test-status warn-status">K</span> stands for Known FAIL - test failures
exist, but all the failures are already known for the library developers.</li>
<li><span class="test-status ok-status">O</span> stands for OK</li>
<li><span class="test-status warn-status">U</span> stands for Unexpected OK - all the tests
succeeded, but there are tests marked by the library developers as "known failure",
therefore absense failures is a problem deserving to be reported to the developers
<li><span class="test-status no-resource-status">R</span> stands for No Resourse - the test suite
can not be run because some required
resource is absent in the environment. For example, CFFI library
test suite needs a small C library compiled to DLL. User must
do it manually. In case the DLL is absent, the LIBTEST method
for CFFI returns :NO-RESOURCE
<p>In the result table you may click the status letter to open the library test logs</p>
<p>Sort columns by clicking the column. Hold Shift when clicking to create multi-column sorting.</p>
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<p><a href="reports-overview.html" class="to-overview">To reports overview</a></p>
<p class="timestamp">Generated at: {TIME} GMT.</p>
<small>Table sorting is powered by <a href=""></a></small>
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