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(defpackage #:test-grid-blobstore
(:use :cl)
(:export #:submit-files #:submit-run-info))
(in-package #:test-grid-blobstore)
(defgeneric submit-files (blobstore id-pathname-alist)
"Submits the files to the blobstore. Returns blob keys
for every submitted file (the blobkey is used for later
references to the file in the blobstore).
(submit-files my-blobstore '((:flexi-streams . #P\"flexi-streams.log\")
(:cl-ppcre . #P\"cl-ppcre.log\")))
=> ((:flexi-streams \"nFeUku39YtilF6s8zkXTlg\")
(:cl-ppcre \"nG9B8tHEquLEPhsL3t8wcA\"))
The ID in the ID-PATHNAME-ALIST may be either a string or a symbol,
and must be unique when compared case insensitively.
If the function returns without errors, it is guaranteed
that all the files are submitted and the return value
has a blobkey for every file.
Signals an ERROR in case of problems."))
(defgeneric submit-run-info (blobstore run-info))
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