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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; indent-tabs-mode: nil; coding: utf-8; show-trailing-whitespace: t -*-
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Anton Vodonosov (
;;;; See LICENSE for details.
;;;; Preventing more than one agent to run in parallel.
;;;; This is important, becuase the agents will
;;;; interfere via working directory file system,
;;;; at least via persistence.lisp.
;;;; Implemented by opening a socket on a constant port.
;;;; If it is successful - we are the only running agent,
;;;; otherwise another agent instance is running.
(in-package #:test-grid-agent)
(define-condition another-agent-is-running (simple-error) ())
(defun execute-as-singleton (agent body-func)
(let ((s (usocket:socket-listen "localhost" (singleton-lock-port agent))))
(unwind-protect (funcall body-func)
(usocket:socket-close s)))
(usocket:address-in-use-error ()
(error 'another-agent-is-running
:format-control "Another agent seems to be already running - our \"lock\" TCP port ~A is already in use."
:format-arguments (list (singleton-lock-port agent))))))
(defmacro as-singleton ((agent) &body body)
`(execute-as-singleton ,agent (alexandria:named-lambda as-singleton-agent-body ()
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