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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; indent-tabs-mode: nil; coding: utf-8; show-trailing-whitespace: t -*-
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Anton Vodonosov (
;;;; See LICENSE for details.
;;; Fake implementation of test-grid-blobstore API;
;;; may be used for testing when we don't want to really
;;; upload test results to server
(in-package #:test-grid-agent)
(defclass fake-blobstore () ())
(defmethod test-grid-blobstore:submit-files ((blobstore fake-blobstore) id-pathname-alist)
(log:info "fake-blobstore.submit-files called")
;; return random fake blob IDs for every file
(let ((random-state (make-random-state t)))
(mapcar (lambda (id-pathname-cons)
(cons (car id-pathname-cons)
(format nil "fake-~36,10,'0r" (random most-positive-fixnum random-state))))
(defmethod test-grid-blobstore:submit-run-info ((blobstore fake-blobstore) run-info)
(declare (ignore run-info))
(log:info "fake-blobstore.submit-run-info called"))
(defmethod tell-admin ((blobstore fake-blobstore) subject body)
(declare (ignore subject body))
(log:info "fake-blobstore.tell-admin called"))
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