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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; indent-tabs-mode: nil; coding: utf-8; show-trailing-whitespace: t -*-
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Anton Vodonosov (
;;;; See LICENSE for details.
(in-package #:test-grid-agent)
;;; Interface
(defgeneric init-persistence (file)
"Creates a persistence object which will
store it's data in the file. If the FILE
exitst, loads the data saved there."))
(defgeneric set-agent-id (persistence id))
(defgeneric get-agent-id (persistence))
(defgeneric mark-tested (persistence lib-world lisp))
(defgeneric tested-p (persistence lib-world lisp))
;;; Implementation
(defclass persistence ()
;; plist with data
((state :type list
:initform nil
:accessor state)
(file :initarg :file
:initform (error ":file is required")
:accessor file)))
(defun save (persistence)
;; todo: sort and newline for each record
(test-grid-utils::write-to-file (state persistence)
(file persistence)))
(defmethod init-persistence (file)
(let ((p (make-instance 'persistence :file file)))
(when (probe-file file)
(setf (state p)
(test-grid-utils::safe-read-file file)))
(defmethod get-agent-id ((persistence persistence))
(getf (state persistence) :agent-id))
(defmethod set-agent-id ((persistence persistence) id)
(setf (getf (state persistence) :agent-id)
(save persistence))
(defmethod mark-tested ((persistence persistence) lib-world lisp)
(pushnew (list lib-world lisp)
(getf (state persistence) :done-tests)
:test #'equal)
(save persistence))
(defmethod tested-p ((persistence persistence) lib-world lisp)
(member (list lib-world lisp)
(getf (state persistence) :done-tests)
:test #'equal))
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