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;;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: COMMON-LISP; indent-tabs-mode: nil; coding: utf-8; show-trailing-whitespace: t -*-
;;;; Copyright (C) 2011 Anton Vodonosov (
;;;; See LICENSE for details.
;;;; Example file for how to configure and run cl-test-grid agent.
;;;; This file supposes that Quicklisp is available.
;;;; Load it the file by:
;;;; (load "run-agent.lisp")
;; Put the directory containing this file
;; so that ASDF can find the test-grid-agent.asd
(let* ((this-file (load-time-value (or *load-truename* #.*compile-file-pathname*)))
(this-file-dir (make-pathname :directory (pathname-directory this-file))))
(pushnew this-file-dir asdf:*central-registry* :test #'equal))
(ql:quickload :test-grid-agent)
;; ensure this script is not outdated in respect to
;; the agent public API
(let ((api-version-required '(1 . 1)))
(when (not (test-grid-agent:api-compatible-p api-version-required))
(error "The agent public API has changed in an incompatible way:
current agent API version is ~A. We use version ~A.
It's necessary to adjust the run-agent.lisp script (see
run-agent.sample.lisp for a fresh example)."
test-grid-agent:+api-version+ api-version-required)))
;; create agent instance
(defparameter *agent* (test-grid-agent:make-agent))
;;; Now inform the *AGENT* about the lisp implementations
;;; we have on this machine.
(defparameter *abcl* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:abcl
:java-exe-path "java"
:abcl-jar-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/abcl-1.0.1\\abcl.jar"))
(defparameter *clisp* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:clisp :exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/clisp-2.49/clisp"))
(defparameter *ccl-1.8-x86* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:ccl
:exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/ccl-1.8/wx86cl"))
(defparameter *ccl-1.8-x86-64* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:ccl
:exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/ccl-1.8/wx86cl64"))
(defparameter *sbcl* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:sbcl :exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/sbcl-1.0.57/bin/sbcl"))
(defparameter *cmucl* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:cmucl :exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/cmucl-20c/bin/lisp"))
;; ECL provides two compilers: bytecode compiler and lisp to C compiler.
;; What compiler to test is specified explicitly as a parameter
;; to lisp-exe:ecl constructor.
(defparameter *ecl-bytecode* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:ecl
:exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/ecl/bin/ecl"
:compiler :bytecode))
;; Note, if you are specifying ECL to use lisp-to-c
;; compiler, you should have a C compiler available
;; in PATH.
(defparameter *ecl-lisp-to-c* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:ecl
:exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/ecl/bin/ecl"
:compiler :lisp-to-c))
(defparameter *acl* (make-instance 'lisp-exe:acl :exe-path "/home/testgrid/lisps/acl82express/alisp"))
(setf (test-grid-agent:lisps *agent*) (list *abcl* *clisp* *ccl-1.8-x86*
*ccl-1.8-x86-64* *sbcl*
;; Preferred lisp is the lisp implementation the agent
;; uses when it needs to perform some auxiliary
;; task in a separate lisp process (for example, updating
;; the private quicklisp installation we run tests on).
;; Almost always preferred lisp is the same lisp that runs
;; the agent process itselft (i.e. the lisp which runs this script).
(test-grid-agent:preferred-lisp *agent*) *ccl-1.8-x86*
;; Please provide your email so that we know who is submitting the test results.
;; Also the email will be published in the online reports, and the library
;; authors can later contact you in case of questions about this test run,
;; your environment, etc.
;; If you are strongly opposed to publishing you email, please provide
;; just some nickname.
(test-grid-agent:user-email *agent*) ""
;;; --- the settings below are not required ---
;; You may specify custom working directory for
;; the agent. By default it is <source-code-base>/work-dir/agent/
;;(test-grid-agent:work-dir *agent*) #P"/my/cl-test-grid/work-dir/agent/"
;;; Ask agent to do it's work
(test-grid-agent:main *agent*)
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