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Reported to parenscript-devel:
+* The issues below this are registered at
+* Quicklisp 2012-04-07
+** external-program: various test failures on various lisps
+** external-program : the test sutie hangs on ECL
+** alexandria: test failures on ACL and CMUCL
+ More info:
+** cl-cont: regression on CLISP: documentation-defun, documentation-setf
+** cl-cont: regression on CMUCL: tagbody-7
+** cl-oauth: Can not be loaded: There is no package named "OAUTH-TEST" .
+ Not a bug. Happened because new version of cl-oauth (cl-oauth-20120407-git)
+ introduces a separate ASDF system :cl-oauth.tests (in contranst to
+ the old version - cl-oauth-20120305-git - where tests are in the
+ main ASDF system cl-oauth). Fixed by adjusting
+ (defmethod libtest ((library-name (eql :cl-oauth)))
+ according to the new version.
+** iterate: regression on ACL linux 64: handler-bind.1
+** iterate: regression on SBCL 1.0.54: bug/walk.2
+** metatilities-base-test can not be build on SBCL and can not be loaded by Quicklisp 2012-04-07
+ Unhandled SERIOUS-CONDIDION of type SYSTEM-NOT-FOUND is signaled: System "metatilities-base-test" not found
+ metatilities-base-20120407-git
+** trivial-shell, regression on CCL: trivial-shell-test.test-1
+ Reported:
+** Usocket: regression on ECL 11.1.1
+ Not reporting, as this is ECL version is old,
+ and newer ECL doesn't have regressions.
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