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test-grid-gae-blobstore: improved code documentation a little.

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1 parent 7ba799f commit f8755334f188c4a08036d2d83e689a4e3e1fa32d @avodonosov avodonosov committed Mar 23, 2013
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  1. +16 −8 gae-blobstore/lisp-client/test-grid-gae-blobstore.lisp
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
(:use :cl)
(:export #:make-blob-store
- #:delete-blobs))
+ #:delete-files))
(in-package #:test-grid-gae-blobstore)
@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ references to the file in the blobstore).
(submit-files my-blobstore '((:flexi-streams . #P\"flexi-streams.log\")
(:cl-ppcre . #P\"cl-ppcre.log\")))
- => ((:flexi-streams . \"nFeUku39YtilF6s8zkXTlg\")
- (:cl-ppcre . \"nG9B8tHEquLEPhsL3t8wcA\"))
+ => ((:flexi-streams . \"iv1b5xbp1z\")
+ (:cl-ppcre . \"1lnnja5y4d\"))
The ID in the ID-PATHNAME-ALIST may be either a string or a symbol,
and must be unique when compared case insensitively.
@@ -28,9 +28,17 @@ If the function returns without errors, it is guaranteed
that all the files are submitted and the return value
has a blobkey for every file.
-Signals an ERROR in case of problems."))
+Signals an ERROR in case of problems.
-(defgeneric delete-blobs (blobstore blob-keys)
+BATCH-SIZE is the number of files submitted in one request,
+leave the default value here in most cases.
+KEEP-NAMES-P allows to use (FILE-NAMESTRING pathname) as a blobkey
+instead of randomily generated new key. But this possibility
+was used only during migration between different Google storage
+APIs. Now it is disabled on the server-side."))
+(defgeneric delete-files (blobstore blob-keys)
"Deletes files from BLOBSTORE. The fiels
are specified by BLOB-KEYS - a list of strings."))
@@ -216,20 +224,20 @@ of the pathnames passed in ID-PATHNAME-ALIST."
-(defmethod delete-blobs (blobstore blob-keys)
+(defmethod delete-files (blobstore blob-keys)
(flet ((delete-batch (blob-keys)
(multiple-value-bind (body status-code headers uri stream2 must-close reason-phrase)
(drakma:http-request (format nil "~A/delete-blobs" (base-url blobstore))
:method :post
:parameters `(("keys" . ,(format nil "~{~A~^,~}" blob-keys))))
(declare (ignore headers uri stream2 must-close))
(if (/= 200 status-code)
- (error "Error deleting blobs, the HTTP response code ~A: ~A" status-code reason-phrase)
+ (error "Error deleting files, the HTTP response code ~A: ~A" status-code reason-phrase)
(let* ((filtered-keys (set-difference blob-keys *logs-to-keep* :test #'string=))
(total (length filtered-keys))
(done 0))
(dolist (batch (test-grid-utils::split-list filtered-keys 50))
(delete-batch batch)
(incf done (length batch))
- (log:info "~A/~A blobs deleted" done total)))))
+ (log:info "~A/~A files deleted" done total)))))

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