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Recommend having force itself into the right directory... #12

nklein opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I was trying to set up a cron-job to run this script but found I was going to have to make a wrapper script to run from cron or do something else similar because assumes you're going to run it from the right directory.

I added one line to the beginning of the script that I think should be in the file:

cd "`dirname $0`"

... Patrick



My crontab record is the following (as also show in the agent documentation):

# m h  dom mon dow   command
0 10 * * * cd /home/testgrid/cl-test-grid2/ && ./

I will consider adding to to It would be good then to return to the original directory.

@avodonosov avodonosov closed this issue from a commit
@avodonosov avodonosov close #12 - ensures the current directory is the …
…one where is located. Thanks to Patrick Stein.

Ah, I forgot the shell script is executed by separate subprocess, so cd doesn't affect the parent.
Added this command, thanks.

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