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Test grid result objects are represented by property lists. Example of test results database:

(:schema 6
 :runs ((:descr (:lisp "sbcl-1.1.3-linux-x86" :lib-world "quicklisp 2012-12-23" :time 3567905766 :run-duration 4856 :contact-email "avodonosov@yandex.ru")
         :results ((:libname :3B-SWF
                    :load-results ((:system "3b-swf" :status :OK :log-blob-key "1iew8cc0h0" :log-byte-length 2096 :load-duration 1003/250)
                                   (:system "3b-swf-swc" :status :OK :log-blob-key "67ta62onfu" :log-byte-length 4644 :load-duration 5807/100)))
                   (:libname :ALEXANDRIA :status (:failed-tests () :known-to-fail ()) :log-blob-key "1cuq4v7hcr" :log-byte-length 22128 :test-duration 3013/1000
                    :load-results ((:system "alexandria" :status :OK :log-blob-key "11of4il7dv" :log-byte-length 1707 :load-duration 126/125)
                                   (:system "alexandria-tests" :status :OK :log-blob-key "1ejuor0bx2" :log-byte-length 1764 :load-duration 1013/1000)))
                   (:libname :BABEL :status :FAIL :log-blob-key "kn5t6pp3sk" :log-byte-length 4172 :test-duration 1011/1000
                    :load-results ((:system "babel" :status :OK :log-blob-key "fg0ccuo4z3" :log-byte-length 1682 :load-duration 101/100)
                                   (:system "babel-streams" :status :OK :log-blob-key "gqc20yclat" :log-byte-length 1748 :load-duration 2009/1000)
                                   (:system "babel-tests" :status :FAIL :log-blob-key "19jvlebgry" :log-byte-length 4181 :load-duration 101/100)))))
        (:descr (:lisp "sbcl-1.1.3-macosx-x64" :lib-world "quicklisp 2012-12-23" :time 3567091719 :run-duration 10461 :contact-email "pnathan@vandals.uidaho.edu")
         :results ((:libname :BABEL :status (:failed-tests ("babel-tests.encoder-and-decoder-return-values.encoder/decoder-retvals" "babel-tests.utf-8b.2") :known-to-fail ()) :log-blob-key "1094499" :log-byte-length 5466 :test-duration 1003/250
                    :load-results ((:system "babel" :status :OK :log-blob-key "1086496" :log-byte-length 1748 :load-duration 2021/1000)
                                   (:system "babel-streams" :status :OK :log-blob-key "1098464" :log-byte-length 1814 :load-duration 121/40)
                                   (:system "babel-tests" :status :OK :log-blob-key "1093464" :log-byte-length 1811 :load-duration 2011/500)))))))

The follwing objects and properties extist:


  • :schema integer, the database schema version.
  • :runs list of test run objects.

Test run Represents test results of some libraries on a single lisp implementation.

  • :descr Test run description object.
  • :results list of library result objects.

Test run description

  • :lisp Lisp implementation identifier - a string, for example "clisp-2.49-unix-x86_64", "cmu-20c_release-20c__20c_unicode_-linux-x86", "sbcl-1.0.54-linux-x64"
  • :lib-world A string naming the set of libraries and their versions used during testing, for example "quicklisp 2012-07-03", "quicklisp 2012-08-11".
  • :time start time of the test run, as returned by (cl:get-universal-time), for example 3568041557
  • :run-duration Number of seconds taken by the test run, for example 10949. Note, if during the test run the computer was hibernated, the hibernation time is included into this value.
  • :contact-email String. Contact email of the person submitted the test results, for example "avodonosov@yandex.ru". It is not guaranteed the email is valid. It may be whatever value user specified in the test-grid-agent:user-email.

Library result

  • :libname Name of the library tested - a keyword, like :babel, :alexandria.

  • :status Result of the library test suite. Present only if the library has testsuite adapter for cl-test-grid. Possible values:

    • :ok None of the testcases has failed.

    • :fail Either some test cases failed but the test framework does not allow to distinguish particular test case, or some problem prevented the test suite from running at all. Example of such a problem may be that the testsuite or one of it's dependencies doesn't compile/load due to errors in lisp code; or absense of necessary foreign library on the test system.

    • :no-resource This status is designed to represent situations when testsuite can not be run due to absense of necessary enviromnent.

      For example, CFFI test suite needs a small C library to be build. On Windows user must do it manually. If this library is not found, testgrid adapter of the CFFI test suite returns :no-resource.

      Or, external-program test suite can only be run on *nix platforms. On Windows testgrid adapter returns :no-resource.

      The :no-resource handling in testsuite adapters is optional, as every testsuite may have different requirements.

      Today, most testsuite adapters in testgrid do not implement such a handling, and in case of any problems when running the tests :fail is recorded.

    • :crash means the child lisp process running the test suite terminated without returning a result;

    • :timeout means that the child lisp process hasn't finished in a specified timeout.

    • An extended test status object

  • :test-duration Number of seconds taken by the library testsuite. Present only if the :status present. Often a fractional number, for example 3519/500. Includes time taken by ql:quickload of the required systems.

  • :log-blob-key String key under which the testsuite log is available online Present only if the :status present. at cl-test-grid.appspot.com/blob?key=. Example "1qulq3d387".

  • :log-byte-length Length of the testsuite log file, integer. Present only if the :status present. Note, the maximum length of the only copy of the file is 100 000 bytes, even if :log-byte-length value is greater. When longer files are submitted online, a section in the middle of the file is cut out.

  • :load-results List of load result objects for all the ASDF systems of that library.

Extended test status Returned when the testsuite adapter knows how to distinguish separate testcases in the test framework used.

  • :failed-tests list of failed testcase names (strings)
  • :known-to-fail list of testcases known to fail in this test framework. If the testcase specified here is absent in :failed-tests then this is an unexpected OK; if this testcase is present in :failed-tests than this is a known failure.

Load result Represents result of ql:quickload for an ASDF system.

  • :system Name of the ASDF system - a string, like "arnesi", "anaphora"

  • :status One of:

    • :ok means the load operation succeeded;

    • :fail means the load operation failed;

    • :crash means the child lisp process loading asdf system exited without returning a result;

    • :timeout means that the child lisp process hasn't finished in a specified timeout time.

  • :load-duration Number of seconds taken by the operation. Often a fractional number, for example 378/125.

  • :log-blob-key The same as described for library result objects

  • :log-byte-length The same as described for library result objects