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Transition-based NER system.

This system is part of a paper accepted at NAACL-HLT 2016 Conference. See the paper here:

Desired labeling

John Smith went to Pittsburgh .
 PER-----   O    O  LOC       O

Corresponding sequence of operations (generated by


Data structures

  • buffer - sequence of tokens, read from left to right
  • stack - working memory
  • output buffer - sequence of labeled segments constructed from left to right


  • SHIFT - move word from buffer to top of stack
  • REDUCE(X) - all words on stack are popped, combined to form a segment and labeled with X and copied to output buffer
  • OUT - move one token from buffer to output buffer

Dataset & Preprocessing

We use the datasets from conll2002 and conll2003

Convert conll format to ner action ( and convert it to parser friendly format (

   perl conll2003/train > conll2003/train.trans
   python -f conll2003/train.trans > conll2003/train.parser 

If you see that the words in the oracle have ' symbol , do the following in the trainind/test/dev datasets:

    []['Peter-NNP', 'Blackburn-NNP'] -->  [][Peter-NNP, Blackburn-NNP]

Link to the word vectors that we used in the NAACL 2016 paper for English: sskip.100.vectors.

Build the system

The first time you clone the repository, you need to sync the dynet/ submodule.

git submodule init
git submodule update

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DEIGEN3_INCLUDE_DIR=/path/to/eigen
make -j2


./lstm-parse -T conll2003/train.parser -d conll2003/dev.parser --hidden_dim 100 --lstm_input_dim 100 -w sskip.100.vectors --pretrained_dim 100 --rel_dim 20 --action_dim 20 --input_dim 100 -t -S -D 0.3 > logNERYesCharNoPosYesEmbeddingsD0.3.txt &


./lstm-parse -T conll2003/train.parser -d conll2003/test.parser --hidden_dim 100 --lstm_input_dim 100 -w sskip.100.vectors --pretrained_dim 100 --rel_dim 20 --action_dim 20 --input_dim 100 -m latest_model -S > output.txt
python -p output.txt -t conll2003/test -o evaloutput.txt


Attach your prediction to test file

  python -p (prediction) -t /path/to/conll2003/test -o (output file)
  ./conlleval < (output file)


If you make use of this software, please cite the following:

  author={Guillaume Lample and Miguel Ballesteros and Kazuya Kawakami and Sandeep Subramanian and Chris Dyer},
  title={Neural Architectures for Named Entity Recognition},
  booktitle={Proc. NAACL-HLT},


This software is released under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.


For questions and usage issues, please contact