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Notes and references for LCDsysinfo from Coldtears Electronics LCD usb 320x240 display.

It shows up as:

Bus 004 Device 002: ID 16c0:05dc VOTI shared ID for use with libusb

This is an RGB666 color display, the API uses RGB565 though. It also has a small led on the back that lights when data is sent to the device (this debug led can be difficult to see in daylight).

The text api offers a ~26x6 character display (approximately as the font is proportional, so it maybe less than 26 characters across, but always 6 down). This text size is very suitable for desktop usage but is a little small for use in a lounge/TV PC from 8ft away.


The processor on board isn't very fast and so (320x240*16bpp) image transfers take about 40 secs. Images are transfered to internal flash, so images only need to be transferred once but this does mean if you are used to dumb displays you can not do smooth animation with full screen refreshes. However you can make api calls to render text (unlike dumb displays where this was your problem) easily. Full screen image changes are visible, It isn't clear if this is a feature of the image transition (or a speed issue).

It looks like the text rendering api may be limited to 7 bit ASCII.

As of 2013-06-06 the latest firmware version is 1.03 which is installed in LCDsysinfo device version 1.05. NOTE some of the api docs mention "Requires firmware >=1.04" but this appears to be a doc bug, the 1.04 version is the LCDsysinfo device version.

Firmware upgrades require the device to be shipped back to the manufacturer, in theory an AVR ATmega32A usb programmer could be used to change the firmware.

Project page for Windows C# driver and app code, NOTE downloads only (hg repo is empty as of 2013-06-01).

Python driver,

Chinese notes (and Windows C# sourcecode/software) - he offers access to the firmware (source code?).

Translated extract from

The LCD is divided into six rows, each row is 320x40pixel. Therefore be able to clearly show the 36x36's icon. Text can be displayed about 25 letters. In the process of writing, try to control the LCD instruction onto C #, in order to reduce the amount of the MCU. For example, if the CPU usage is more than 50%, the font will become yellow as a reminder, contrasting work is completed in C #, and then issue commands to the yellow font MCU.

Sample tools/scripts

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